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Blog 30

Things you should prepare before engaging with a web design agency

Chances are you’re reading this post because you’re looking for a new website or digital marketing agency, and need some help with choosing the right web design agency to work with. Before you find the right web design agency, you’ll need to be ready to communicate with them effectively. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you best prepare your information before you even start to search for the prospective web agencies for your next project. We’ll focus on the questions that you’ll need to answer before a web design agency can provide you with a meaningful proposal web design agency “Your company” Be prepared to describe your company, brand values, business model and operations to prospective agencies. You’ll also want to talk about your current difficulties and issues you would like to address so that the agency can address your concerns through the website. “The goals of your new website” What is the purpose of your website? It’s very important that website agencies understand what you hope to achieve with your website. Do you want to expand your market reach by selling products to a new demographic? Are you looking to support existing business processes through your website? Or do you simply need a brochure website with information about your company or products and services? “Your customers and competitors” Describe your target market and clients. By understanding the demographics and geographical location of your target audience, prospective agencies can tailor the websites to their needs when they build your website. Who are your competitors? Explain what makes you unique. This will allow website agencies to understand your value proposition and think about how your website can stand out in the crowd. “Your marketing & advertising strategy” If you already have a marketing and advertising plan, describe your existing or past campaigns, how well it is working for you, where you think it can be improved and how you see your website aiding some of your marketing issues. “Your current website” If you have an existing site, what do you like and dislike about your current website? What current needs. What’s the. Think about what changes will support your evolving business needs? “The functionality you require on your new website” Make a list of the basic functions and features you require on your website. This is immensely helpful for us and other companies. Examples include e-commerce, photo gallery, online booking system, contact form, etc.  “Your content requirements” It’s also important to think about how much work you are willing or able to do on your website. For example, do you plan to write all of the copy on your website or do you need your website agency to handle this? Will you load content (images and videos) onto your website yourself or do you expect your website to be delivered 100% ready for launch? “Your domain name requirements” Do you have an existing domain name, or do you plan to register a new one? Let prospective agencies know …

Blog 31

Scroll through this post if you think websites aren’t important in the world of business competition

  Can I Create A Website That People Will Visit Again And Again? Websites are a waste of money and time. Only if they don’t serve the purpose they were made for. Most people go online for just one reason– Get Information. Yet, what can you glean on most websites?  More Portfolios…sigh If you think about it, this is not a website problem. It’s a communication problem, which is why most advertisements fail. The customer wants information but most companies fail to do that. They load you with a portfolio and with information about the company. It’s all about me, me, me. This primary reason causes more than 90% of all websites to be inefficient, useless and a waste of time. It is also the prime reason why not many people make money off their website If you start talking about YOU, no one is interested.  To give out credible, useful information is the prime function of every communication piece. What A Good Websites Does : It gives information and builds credibility. It builds the brand and allows you to earn off the brand. It builds customer loyalty. It allows customers to use it as a suggestion box. It’s not a perfect world and customers should be encouraged to let you know what can be fixed. It should achieve basic marketing principles. It should be solving a problem and aimed at a specific target audience. It should generate its own income like any profit center. It should justify its reason for existing. “At the End Of The Day, Websites Aren’t For The Companies. They Are For The Customer” Websites are a marketing tool. Use the principles of marketing to build and promote them. That entails having a target audience. What’s surprising is that most websites have no objectives at all. They have no target audience. They are created because it’s fashionable to do so. Screw the fashion. Understand the basics of internet marketing and communication. And if you don’t understand the basics, get someone who can!            >>We practice what we preach. If you’re looking for a website that adds value to your business, visit us at<< website design 

Blog 32

5 Things you’re doing that hurts your website ranking

I don’t know any business that doesn’t want to make more money or increase their sales. web design Today,  the only way to be successful is to have a steady flow of traffic to your website.  As Google is a major source of traffic, ranking high in the search results is critical. That’s why you need to set up your website correctly to bring in qualified leads that can then be converted into paying customers. Now there may come a time when your website experiences a drop in search engine rankings, you will lose traffic, business, and revenue. There are many causes of sudden drops in website traffic. Being able to diagnose and identify the reasons will determine whether your business or not you get your web traffic back on track. Here are some of the reasons: 1. Broken Redirects Any structural changes to your site including launching or redirecting can result in a drop in your rankings. This can be mitigated by having a proper 301 redirect plan in place. With this, you must make sure that XML sitemaps, canonical tags, and links are also updated. A 301 redirect is like a change of address notice for the web. This notice tells search engines that a page, several pages, or your entire website has been moved. You are asking that your website visitors be sent to your new address and not your old one. When performed correctly, you won’t lose your rankings, nor will you get penalized for duplicate content because search engines are indexing both your old and new web address. 2. You’re Tracking the Wrong Rankings If your site has been online for many years, chances are you might have used keywords that are no longer relevant or are outdated. Try thinking like your consumer. Many people will search for different variations of the same question and still be unable to find an answer or solution to their problem. Think simple terms and reflect that on the keywords you use on your website. Look at your keywords and keyword phrases. If you are using old or more generic keywords, then you’re tracking the wrong rankings and need to update your strategy. 3. Algorithm Changes Google is always changing their algorithm to improve strategies and results. Many sites have been affected by these changes and suffered from a drop in site rankings. To avoid being afflicted by Google’s updates, use effective cross-channel marketing and traffic strategy that includes social media and other marketing channels. If you’re not utilizing these channels, your ranking could be hurt. 4. Page Speed How fast the content on your pages loads will not only affect your rankings, it will also affect your website visitors’ user experience. When pages take longer to load, the bounce rates are higher because people don’t want to wait to see your content. To check your page speed, try using Google’s new and improved PageSpeed Tool. The tool was revised to incorporate real user data. Pages are ranked fast, slow, …

questions คำถาม จ้างเว็บดีไซน์เนอร์

5 Killer questions to ask before hiring a web designer

“Don’t get tricked” QUESTION 1: DO YOU USE SUBSCRIPTION OR PROJECT–BASED FEE MODEL? Some vendors use subscription to ensure you keep paying them perpetually. Once you stop making these monthly payments (i.e. unsubscribe), you no longer own the site. In this way, you don’t own the site but is merely renting it from the web design company. These monthly costs stack up and in total, for outweighs the one-time payment model. Want out? Sure – you can stop the monthly subscriptions, but you will no longer own the site.  With us, you’ll take full ownership of the website. Even after the website’s done, you can come and talk to us if you wish to upgrade or change your website. From initial discussion to the final payment, our whole workflow is 100% transparent and open to you. QUESTION 2 : DO YOU USE WORDPRESS OR CUSTOM CMS? Some companies build websites using techniques (complex custom CMS) that makes it difficult or impossible for others to further edit or make enhancements to the website. This means that even though you might want to change provider, you can’t – you will always have to return to the same web designer / developer for changes to your site.  We use WordPress, which offers flexibility, meaning that others can also make changes to our final products in the case where you want to handover the work to someone else. “Templates = cheating” QUESTION 3: DO YOU USE 100% CUSTOM DESIGN? SHOW US SOME EXAMPLES.   Many web design agencies use a pre-purchased themes / standard templates to create your website. This means higher volumes and lower production cost for them. But for the clients, this means a website like a million others i.e. a generic-looking website that does “wow” and does’t sell.  Clients deserve more. That is why all of our websites are 100% custom designed. All elements are customised to your business identity and unique sales or corporate message. While it is becoming industry standard to treat website as “commodities”, here at Yes! we treat your website as valuable assets  “Lousy SEO will undermine your site” QUESTION 4 : DO YOU KNOW YOUR SEO? What use is a beautiful website if no one is there to see it? A website beautifully designed but lacking in SEO considerations will undoubtedly end up on the bottom of the google search ranking. Website and SEO goes hand in hand : which keywords to use, where to put the keywords and titles, which metatag to use and how often to use it? These are free services that we help you do when as part of our web design & development service. In addition, we offer free SEO audit for all finished website, which you can follow-through with advanced SEO service options (i.e. take your site up to no.1 ranking).  A note on SEO : Beware – a lot of companies practice black or grey SEO, employing techniques such as keyword stuffing, content scraping, or article spinning i.e shortcuts. While these deliver near-term …

Blog 33

7 Logo Design Trends in 2019

A good logo can attract your customers to finding out more about your brand or business. That’s why you’ll want your logo to look beautiful and attractive. However, a logo that looks appealing today may not be able to appeal to customers tomorrow. A lot of people are not aware of this and still stick to their old logo that has become obsolete. Therefore, you should keep up with the latest logo design trends and make your logo up-to-date all the time so that your logo will never be outdated and unable to attract customers. Below are some of the most popular logo design trends in 2019 that we’ve noticed from providing graphic and logo design services in Bangkok, Thailand. 1. LOGOS THAT COME IN DIFFERENT VERSIONS Even though this is the age where logos are shown on many platforms, brands don’t only care about how well their logos convert when appearing on a different platform but also how it can assist them in forming a better relationship with different groups of customers. A logo which is capable of doing that is a variable logo that adapts to the group they’re communicating with.  2. MODERN GEOMETRIC DESIGNS Geometric designs used to be abandoned by people as they were too mathematical, formal, and emotionless. However, in 2019, many designers are using geometric logos with energetic colors and friendly components. This new trend aims to make logos with a geometric design look more playful and welcoming. “Mix bold geometric shapes with colorful palettes. Clean and minimal but strong,” advised Claudia C., a designer of 99designs which is an Australian company that provides a freelancer platform that connects graphic designers and clients together. 3. VISUALLY TRICKY LOGOS  This is one of the most popular logo design trends in 2019. The purpose of this trend is to ‘deceive the eye’ by making the logo look fragmented, twisted, bent, etc. Using tricky designs on a logo also keeps logo designers enthusiastic about logo design. An example of a visually tricky logo can be seen in the EdgeBoard logo designed by Hampus Jageland. He mixed the letter E and the letter B from the company name together by making the letter B look like it is placed on a corner of a cube. By this way, if you look on the side of the cube where the first half of the letter B is placed, you will see the letter E, but if you look at both sides diagonally, you’ll see the letter B. 4. MEANINGFUL COLOR Conveying a message through the use of colors is a creative strategy that logo designers use to build strong relationships with the customers. That’s why in 2019 designers often focus on the meaning of the color instead of its beauty and attractiveness when picking a color for their logo.  Take the logo used on greeting card aficionado House of Gumdrops designed by a 99designs designer, Bruno Vasconcelos, as an example. The colors he used on the logo represent the name of …

Blog 34

7 Digital Marketing Trends in 2019

 Digital Marketing Trends A few years ago, creating social media posts was considered the most up-to-date digital marketing trends strategy. However, in this year, it might not be enough to just post content online. You’ll also need to serve your customers with personalized content and interact with them in order to follow the latest trends. There are many businesses who aren’t aware of these new trends and still stick to the same old ones. That’s why we’re going to tell you 7 digital marketing trends in 2019 that we’ve observed from having provided our customers with online marketing services in Bangkok, Thailand for many years. 1. OMNICHANNEL MARKETING Previously, multichannel marketing was created to enable consumers to get in touch with businesses through numerous ways. But today, multichannel marketing is getting obsolete as omnichannel marketing has been introduced. Omnichannel marketing is similar to multichannel marketing in the way that both types of marketing offer your customers several channels to getdigital in touch with your business.  The difference between these two types of marketing is that in omnichannel marketing, the channels you offer to your customers are connected with each other, while those in multichannel marketing are not. That’s why omnichannel marketing gives your customers a better experience as it allows smooth communication between your business and your customers no matter what channel they use. 2. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AI can do so many things in marketing including powering customer segmentation, retargeting, push notifications, click tracking, and many more. But in this year, it is mostly used for content marketing. That’s why a lot of people are reading articles written by AI whether they’re aware of it or not. And in the future, most content on the internet will be written by AI. Despite the fact, AI isn’t going to take over content writers’ job since it’s only good at creating news briefs and initial reports but it’s not capable of creating well-written inbound content which requires personality and authenticity and needs to be written by humans. 3. CHATBOTS Nowadays, if you visit a business website, mobile app, or social media newsfeed, you’ll often see a chatbot on them. Chatbots can answer frequently asked questions, make basic conversations with the visitors, and help them do uncomplicated tasks almost as good as humans can. But more importantly, they are cheaper and faster than humans. That’s why many websites have replaced human customer support representatives with chatbots. 4. PROGRAMMATIC ADVERTISING Programmatic advertising is an advertising method that uses AI to purchase and place advertisements according to targeting algorithms. This means of advertising has been popular for quite some time and it’s getting used by more and more businesses. Why? It’s because, unlike traditional advertising, programmatic advertising can happen in real time. That gives an advantage to the advertisers. But what decides whether advertisers succeed or not is how they use this advantage. Programmatic advertising depends on a mixture of automation, technical expertise, and big data.  5. PERSONALIZATION Marketing personalization has many advantages including more …

Blog 35

How Important Is Graphic Design For Your Business?

It is hard to survive in the modern competitive business environment without impressive marketing materials. Every business needs to differentiate their brands from other competitors to get attention from potential clients. It becomes a necessity to introduce their unique and remarkable identities through materials such as websites, logos, brochures, business cards, leaflets, and etc. This fact proves that graphic design plays a big role in the business world as it has become a part of doing business in the market. Basically, it can do more than you think! Via Graphic design is the visual communication and aesthetic expression of concepts and ideas using various graphic elements and tools. It serves to deliver messages of the brand to the target audience in an aesthetic way. No surprise! graphic design is an art with a certain purpose and objective. Graphic design can visually build brand identity or personality by creating an impressive logo. Plus, it is an important factor for creating unique websites, mobile applications and social media pages for business promotion. Graphic designs have become an important tool that is used for drawing the attention of potential customers towards businesses. It also provides effective communication to the audience. There is an increasing demand for graphic design services because of the need for effective communication with the audience. But why? A reason is a higher number of businesses entering markets that makes the business world becomes more competitive. Many entrepreneurs pay more attention to the need for using graphic design as a communication tool to the target audience. Finding a graphic designer for your business? Feel free to contact us! Via WHAT DOES DESIGN STAND FOR IN GRAPHIC DESIGN? Let’s keep it simple, the term ‘graphic’ in graphic design means an accurate visual. The purpose of graphic design is to create a specific message or information in both professional and artistic ways and deliver them to the audience. The term graphic design can also be called ‘Visual Communication’ or ‘Communication Design’. The composition of various design elements in a graphic design depends on the media. A graphic designer uses different images and layout techniques, visual arts, and typography skills for different platforms. And how graphic design is essential for your business? Let’s find out! HOW IMPORTANT IS GRAPHIC DESIGN FOR YOUR BUSINESS? 1. ENHANCE SALES Of course! Business is all about sales and profit. Graphic design can definitely boost up sales of your business, especially uniquely designed ones. People are easily attracted to any eye-catching designs which encourage them to understand the hidden messages. As the audiences see a unique material design, they come up with messages and meanings indirectly in their minds. For instance, some graphic designs can give a sense of high-quality products or services of the business. Also, many people become loyal customers to the brand since graphic designs have made a huge impact on viewers. This factor leads to the steady growth of a business. Graphic design is essentially a bridge connecting the brand and customers …

Blog 36

Top 10 Website Design Trends for 2019

The year 2019 is almost at its half-way. Not only the newly-emerged website styles appear this year, many website trends also adopt from existing styles and patterns. Website design trends have turned into a creativity parade in the past few years — ignore traditional stock photos, focus on bold color schemes and use asymmetrical layouts. It later turned into a smarter design due to technological advancements. The trend of this year is a combination of these two contrasting sides, aesthetics and technology. WHY DO YOU NEED A TRENDY WEB DESIGN? By having an online website, it allows you to market your business. You need an outstanding and trendy website to create the most efficient online platform for your business. Trendy styles and designs can attract more attention and it can help your website to be more eye-catching. Keep that in mind, web design is one of the most important features for your business. WHAT ARE THE FEATURES FOR WEB DESIGN TRENDS IN 2019? LET’S FIND OUT! 1. SERIFS ON SCREEN Have you heard the rule that serifs are for print and sans serifs are for screen? Sans is favored by many online websites with its clean readability. Nevertheless, serifs were designed to be more creative, decorative, and perfect for emphasis. So, it is not a surprise that more brands are leaning towards bold serifs in their designs such as headers and callouts. At Yes!, we create the most well-made and efficient web designs in Bangkok that fit your business website. We also provide you with the simplest and yet trendy styles. 2. BOLD BLACK-AND-WHITE PALETTES Color plays an important part in a website designing process. Color generates certain feelings and moods for visitors. Also, different colors attract different groups of people. (Want to know how to pick the right shade for you website? Click here) As one of the visual tools, colors guide visitors and distribute some values to the brand. For this year, bold black-and-white makes its way up to the top trending color for website. With the combination of two contrasting colors, it creates a more impactful and striking effects for your website. White gives a sense of cleanliness and light whereas black represents boldness and strength. Adding these two minimal colours together can give a more visually interesting effect to your website. 3. NATURAL/ ORGANIC SHAPES Contrasting to typical systematic grids for web pages, the style of this year focuses more on natural shapes and smooth lines. It concerns more about the emphasis of accessibility and comfort. So, this style neglects the perfect geometric structures such as triangles, squares, and rectangles which gives a sense of stability. Organic shapes are naturally asymmetrical and imperfect, so they provide depth to a web design which makes page elements more remarkable through the illusion of movement. 4. THE REVIVAL OF GLITCH ART Glitch art is back! In 2019, graphic design trends are all about experimentation and imagination. Glitch art is the use of digital or analog errors for aesthetic purposes. …

Blog 37

The Illusion of Completeness: How It Damages Your Business Website and How to Avoid It

To fully appreciate the beauty of the landscape, we often pan up and down, or side to side to capture all of the beautiful scenery. Similarly, website users have to scroll up and down or swipe side to side to get the full view of websites and contents. The design plays a big role in guiding the visitors to believe that they have reached the end of a page. Often neglected, the important information may be hidden down below and it will be left unseen. This fact proves that web designers are key players in this game. Web designers and their designs have the ability to lead viewers toward valuable information by giving a clear signal for content down the page or even to the side. Is this problem familiar to you? If yes, hiring a professional web designer and web developer will strongly improve the performance of your business website! Via WHAT IS THE ILLUSION OF COMPLETENESS? There are three possible ways to call this effect: the illusion of completeness, the false bottom, and the logical end. All of them refer to a point where visitors believe to be the end of a page, although there is more content exists off-screen vertically and horizontally. We often use this term to call the visual design that fails to lead users toward additional content showing outside the visible area. This problem seems like a huge negative for every business website, isn’t it? Believe us, there are still many websites out there that are unconscious of their mistakes. But lucky you! You’ve found us, a web design company based in Bangkok, that will guide you through the whole process for your business website. We’ll also show you more about all the damages and solutions to this tricky problem — let’s scroll! WHAT ARE COMMON DESIGN STYLES THAT MISLEAD VISITORS? 1. HUGE HERO GRAPHICS OR VIDEOS Placing large eye-catching images or videos in the top area is a recent trend of web design. Hugh image-based design is an excellent choice to use for grabbing the attention of visitors, but it often left important contents unread. By adding a call to action button, they strongly navigate visitors to leave for the upcoming page. This kind of design creates a false floor that could neglect important information down the screen. The example image shows the combination of a large image and a call to action button. The ‘Get Started’ button clearly attracts visitors’ attention. Also, these two elements combined create a notion which implies completion of a page. Via 2. DISTINCT HORIZONTAL LINES Even simple lines can be tricky for your business website. When you create a separation within a page by a horizontal line, it can create a visual barrier and stop people from scrolling further down. Trust us, a false bottom can occur anywhere on the page even without you noticing it. Finding a way to avoid it? Hiring a professional web design company can enhance the usability of your business …

Blog 38

Five Ways to Speed Up Your Website

  When it comes to surfing the internet, people are often impatient with slow websites. That’s why if your website is slow, it’s probable that your website will lose quite a number of visitors who could become your future customers. And since search engines rank their results according to a website’s loading speed, they will show your website in the latter pages if your website loads slowly, and that means less chance for people to discover your website. Therefore, it’s very important for your website to be fast. If you have no idea how to make your website faster, don’t worry. As we’re an experienced web design company based in Bangkok, Thailand, we’re going to tell you five ways you can accelerate your website. 1. REDUCE OR ELIMINATE LARGE IMAGES A website that contains a large image or many images always take a lot of time to load. Therefore, you should reduce unnecessarily large images. There are three ways you can do this. The first way is to minimize images, including photos and background graphics. Images you use on your website should be between 500 and 800 pixels across, and 72 dots per inch (dpi). The second way is to remove meta data from photos which includes the date and location the photo was taken, the type of camera used, and the resolution. And according to David Masters, president and founder of iMedia Studios, a web design company in Austin, Texas, another way is, instead of posting full-size photos, make a slide show or use thumbnails which, when clicked, will provide larger images. 2. DEAL WITH JAVASCRIPT Interesting features on your website such as animated graphics, photo slideshows, autocomplete text suggestions, or interactive forms are often created by JavaScript. JavaScript can make your website attractive, but it can slow down the site as well. However, it will be alright if you deal with JS queries and loads appropriately. Use asynchronous loading for JavaScript files : This will make your website load faster because everything on the webpage will load at the same time, not from top to bottom. Asynchronous loading doesn’t stop the rest of the webpage from loading when one file is stuck. Defer some JavaScript files from loading : Tell large JS files which don’t affect immediate functionality to load after everything else is finished. Optimize and minify : Smaller files load quicker than the bigger ones. So, minify JavaScript. Put JavaScript at the bottom of files : JS and other components don’t load well together. So, you should let HTML content load before JavaScript. 3. GET RID OF UNNECESSARY PLUG-INS A plug-in is additional software that can be installed on a website or program in order to add an extra capability to it. Too many plug-ins can decelerate your website, so use them as needed. Avoid plug-ins that aren’t regularly updated and compatible with current versions of your website environment. 4. EMBED HUGE FILES (SUCH AS VIDEOS) Huge files like videos are one of the reasons that make your website slow. …

White Space, An Essential Part Of Web Design

The Power of White Space in Web Design

White Space, An Essential Part Of Web Design Have you ever seen an empty space on websites? Many elements form the layout and structure of interactive design on a website. Many of the time, some areas were intentionally left untouched or kept as simple as possible. We call that area ‘White Space’. As a leading web design company in Bangkok, we love to provide you with a deeper detail on this topic. WHAT IS WHITE SPACE? White space, or negative space, is the space found inside and surrounding the other design elements. White space can be compared to canvas. It serves as the background that holds different elements together in a design. Despite its name, white space does not need to be white. It can be any colours, textures, patterns, or even background images. Common areas of white space include: The spaces around visual elements such as logos, photos, typography, paragraphs, etc. The spaces around blocks of content like the margins in a text document that split the left and right sides of a web-page. The spaces within design elements like white space within typography and glyph, banners, illustrations, and images. White space can be used to balance design elements and improve the visual communication experience. Not only the white space can create a well-organised outcome, but it also keeps your website from looking busy. By using white space, your website can improve its readability and performance. ‘Less is more’ is a perfect description for this composition. Keep this in mind! If you are clueless about the way to enhance your website performance, we offer you outstanding service for your website development with a team based in Bangkok, Thailand. Based on the density of white space and its relationship to other white space, it can be categorised into four groups: 1. MICRO WHITE SPACE You can probably guess by the name of it. Yes, it is the small space between design elements. It can be the space between letters and words, lines and paragraphs, or between two graphic elements next to one another. Micro white space like marginal white space surrounding paragraphs enormously affects audiences’ reading speed and comprehension. The readability decreases when the text appears in margins outside regular paragraphs. By using micro white space, it improves the clarity and transparency of a layout. Thus, it clearly proves that micro white space has a direct impact on content legibility. 2. MACRO WHITE SPACE Contrary to the previous one, macro white space is the large space between major layout elements, and the space surrounding the design layout. Common places for macro white space are the right and left sides of websites’ content, and the space between content blocks. It acts as a tool to separate different elements of the web page. Your design will look entirely different when you change the area of macro white space. Google is probably one of the websites with effective and intensive use of macro white space. Google’s homepage is aesthetically simple and calm. That plain …

Blog 39

Tips on Making Your Website International

  Can you make a Website International? Read On… If you’re trying to expand your business, making its website international is highly recommended. That’s because if your website is worldwide, it will be visited by people from not only your country but others from all around the world, which translates to more chance of a conversion. As we’ve created websites in Bangkok, Thailand for many international companies, we’re going to give you some useful tips that will help you make your website global. 1. PRODUCE CONTENT IN SEVERAL LANGUAGES Most internet users prefer visiting websites with the content written in their mother tongue. That’s why if you want to attract website visitors from other countries, you should think about making your website available in many languages. Doing this will not only draw more visitors to your website but will also allow them to fully engage with your business. Even though providing content of your website in multiple languages is important, you should never ignore the quality of the content since poor content can spoil your brand image. 2. TRY NOT TO USE TEXT IN IMAGES What’s wrong with using text in images? Well, if there is text on an image, Google won’t be able to translate the text when translating the webpage into foreign visitors’ language. If your website contains pictures with too much text on them, some of the international visitors who don’t understand foreign languages may leave your website which means you can lose some of your possible customers. That’s why you should try to avoid using text in images as much as possible. If you have a web design company in Bangkok create your website, don’t forget to tell them about this. 3. OPTIMIZE YOUR WEBSITE FOR LOCAL SEARCH If you aim to sell the same products in different countries, you don’t need to create separate websites for each country. You can put location-targeted subfolders in your website (like for the UK) by using the geo-location targeting feature in your Google Webmaster account. If you want your website to have many different versions in order to sell different products in different countries, you will need to target location-based keywords and use country code top-level domains (cc TLD) such as .uk, .es, etc. Then, produce the content, meta description, title, keywords, etc. in the local language of the target location for the best SEO benefits. 4. CHECK YOUR WEBSITE’S LOADING SPEED If you’re looking to make your website international, speed is one of the most important things that you need to pay attention to because a website’s loading speed is different at different locations. A good international website uses a content delivery network (CDN) which is a group of servers from all across the globe. It helps in making your website load faster even the visitors are in foreign countries. If you’re struggling to speed up your website, hiring a web design agency in Bangkok who can expertly create a website with a high loading speed is …