4 SEO Techniques You Can Do for Free

Nowadays, as we all know, doing SEO technique is something that requires a lot of time and money to compete for your business’s website to the top on search engines. Big fish can’t eat small fish anymore. Because in this era, only the fastest fish will survive. For that reason, it is why many businesses speed themselves up to overtake their competitors and at the same time, the money invested must be worth it.

If you are one of the businesses that want to do SEO and dream that your website appears at the top of the search engine results in Google, today, Yes Web Design Studio will share 4 SEO techniques that can help you save money and allow you to do it yourself.

Technique 1: Improve the Title Tags to match the user’s search query as much as possible

What are Title Tags? Title Tags are the text displayed on the top of the browser. It is used as a title for that page. Google will look at from the Title Tag what topic of this page and what it is involved. This text won’t show on your website, but only on the Google search results page, depending on the word or text that the user is searching for. Therefore, keyword selection is a key point for SEO because if you are not analyzing your keyword selection before using on the Title Tag, or the used words don’t make any sense, this SEO technique could be one that will make your website rank rise on the top of the search results page.

Technique 2: Analyze your keywords well before applying them to your website

Of course, in the past, there weren’t many tools we can use for analyzing keyword usage statistics online but now technology has developed very fast. This allows us to find analyzing keyword tools very easily, such as Google Keyword Planner. There are 3 things you will need to analyze:

  • What keywords or phrases do people search for?
  • Determine the main keywords that you will use
  • The needs of the target audience

By analyzing these three, you can see how effective the keywords you use in Google rankings are.

Technique 3: Keep an eye on your competitor’s content

The wrong keyword is one of the factors that prevent your website from ranking at all. It might be because the keywords you use are keywords that you may have to compete with big competitors. So what you should do is …

Where are the competitors ranked in Google Search?
What content on websites do your competitors have but you don’t?
How do your competitors define their keywords on their website?
How do your competitors engage with their customers?

Technique 4: Be diligent in creating content on your website continuously

Don’t let your website go silent because the content of your website is important. You will have to create content constantly to make it suitable for the website and visitors. Perhaps, there is no need to start with new blog posts or content every day. All we want to focus on is to keep posting unique content. If you are going to post different types of content, it can be posted weekly or monthly. The consistency of the postings is important, for example, content is posted every Friday, and “content” does not always mean that it has to be text. You can use product photos. tutorial videos or any other way because delivering value to customers is the priority of every business. If the value of your content is not striking or attracts enough customers and leads, you’re wasting your time and customers.

What do you about these easy SEO techniques? It is a technique that can get your website ranked well in search engines. We hope this article is helpful for business owners who want to optimize their website SEO by themselves for free.

Now it’s your turn, try these 4 techniques and apply them to your website content.

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