4 Things That Have Proven to Benefit All Our Tech Clients

 tech clients – If you’re a technology business that is keen to realize the full potential of your digital Marketing investment and great tech necessitates great tech websites as well — there’s no getting around it.

The best technology websites are insightful, imaginative and compelling. They integrate innovative features, dynamic elements, and seamless systems to help navigate users through a fluid and efficient buyer journey.

ลูกค้าสายเทคโนโลยี tech clients

Identify Visitor Types

One of the main challenges with website design in general and technology web design, in particular, is identifying various user types coming to the site and developing content paths tailored to their specific needs.

We help clients by identifying the specific types of users who will be interacting with the websites, what their specific needs are and to make sure that the site is designed and structured to meet their needs.

This is especially important with technology websites as user types can be quite different ranging from developers and CTO’s to marketing managers and business owners. Telling the right story to each of these user types is key to your website’s success.

Tell Story Visually

Let’s face it, people don’t like to read these days. Most of the readers can only spare a small portion of their attention to anything at a given time. Because of this we’ve found that telling a story visually through custom graphics and diagrams works well to convey technical data in an easy to understand way.

We will work with you to really understand what it is your business does, the problem your technology solves and the process that allows it to happen. We will then turn this understanding into visually appealing technical diagrams that can be easily understood by technical and non-technical people alike.

Digestible Metrics

Going back to people’s limited attention, most visitors don’t really read a website, they scan. They are quick at skimming through the content, looking to quickly qualify or disqualify the website for their needs.

Another way we’ve found to capture visitor’s attention is to display easily digestible metrics. These can be anything from specific stats, percentages or key numbers that validate the performance of your technology.

tech clients

Strong Call to Action

At the end of the day, the purpose of a website is to generate conversions, and that’s what we do best. Our sites are designed to look beautiful, unique and inviting; but the essence of the website allows your product or services to sell.

We make sure that there is always a strong call to action found on all pages of the site and that the user is taken down a clear path with the final destination being an action taken.

For B2C tech companies, this can be an immediate sale. For B2B tech companies, this action is typically an inquiry for more information or a product demonstration.

ลูกค้าสายเทคโนโลยี tech clients

tech clients

In many ways, your product, whatever it is, is a solution to their issues. They aren’t looking to invest in new technology, they are trying to solve a specific problem. What we do is identify the specific problems your clients are trying to solve.

Then, we reverse engineer how technology solves that problem. We then help to structure the site in such a way that the clients are able to search via your technology. We also make it so they are able to search via what they are trying to solve and discover your technology.

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