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Many SEO Company Bangkok and Digital agencies would describe SEO as a process which makes your site rank better in search engines. This maybe true on the surface but they often overlook other aspects of SEO like what strategies they plan to implement to achieve this.

The key to success is distinguishing between what makes your site rank better vs. making your site deserve better rankings


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As a SEO Company, we understand that while SEO can be regarded as an art of boosting your online presence, the truth is that it involves more of technologies and algorithms. This, without a doubt, requires expertise and a specialised set of knowledge of how Google’s algorithm work to manipulate. In fact, only when your website’s SEO covers multiple aspects and each of them is optimised will the website truly establish an online presence and see real improvement in ranking.

If these are all too technical, the good news is that we can sort this all out for you. At Yes Web Design Studio, one of Bangkok’s Leading digital agencies, we offer SEO services that extensively covers the whole SEO process from creative keywords research/analysis, to onsite optimisation, legitimate link building as well as guiding what content will benefit your brand to further add value to your business.



As we said above, by employing any illegitimate strategies, the benefit you
gain is short-lived and your website is at risk of being penalised by search
engines. The worst case scenario is having your website completely
removed from the search results pages. Avoid this SEO nightmare for your
site by practicing safe SEO. A Good SEO Company would not put you in this position.



You may come across some agencies who practice black or grey hat SEO. It is what it sounds like, this method of practice crosses the ethical line with techniques like keyword stuffing, content scraping and article spinning. While this does generate some results, they do not provide long-term benefit and can be unstable, which can result in your website being
penalised by search engines .

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To get higher rankings on google search engine and to get more traffic to the website, which can potentially lead to higher sales.

We only do White Hat SEO, covering all the methods that will boost your web visibility.

At Yes!, our team specializes on implementing both On-page and Off-page SEO. Some examples of the methods we execute are keyword research, optimized backlinks, Google PageSpeed Score Analytic etc.

We use different methods in order to assess the performance of our services. One of which is using PageSpeed tools and some other external tools that provide score on how well the site is performing such as loading speed.

It usually takes from 3 to 6 months. However, there are factors that come into play from the quality of the content, web performance, ux/ui, competition, domain age etc.

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