7 Tips for creating a great Non-profit Website

7 Tips for creating a great Non-profit Website 1

Have you ever wondered how non-profit website or charitable organisations often never fails to leave a long-lasting impression on the viewers?

We’ll cover 7 tips to help you create an awesome website. Let’s start with:

1. Making your mission clear 

When visitors land on your website, they should be a clear aim. What is your organization do about? For example, if you are endorsing education, you should include images or testimonials from students. If you are an animal or wildlife organisation, you might include a picture of animals on your website. This is an easy tool to engage supporters and give them a clearer picture to understanding your organization from the first time they visit your website. 

2. Using content to attract the supporters 

Engage supporters from the first time they visit the website and to gain audience support. For example, use interactive pictures to tell the stories or use videos on the homepage on the website, which makes you want to click further.

3. Make your website Donor-friendly 

Make it easy for donors to donate from the website. For example, the National Organization for Women (NOW) and Breast Cancer Action (BCAction) try to make it easy for supporters to donate by having a donation form no matter where they are on the site.

4. Make volunteer recruitment easy

Let them apply to join the options you offer right from the homepage.

5. Storytelling by images

Use images to draw in supporters and tell the story of your mission. On top of telling your stories, these stories will serve to create trust and association with your organisation. When people see your logo and style, they’ll instantly know it’s your non-profit organisation they’re interacting with. It’s about leaving a good impression for your audience

6. Responsive mobile-website 

 Avoid using a large image, which makes it hard to scroll down to the important text. The text size should large enough and readable on the small device.

7. Connect your website to Social media 

Expand more donation channel by connecting to social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. by having a button on the website for connecting to social media.


7 Tips for creating a great Non-profit Website 2