5 Effective Ways to Improve Your Construction Website

5 Effective Ways to Improve Your Construction Website 1

Having an effective website for your construction company is more important than ever before, the goal of making the construction companies website is having an attractive, professional and high-ranking website to get them noticed.

This article discusses 5 effective ways to improve your construction company’s website to help you stand out from the competition, gather more leads and connect with potential customers more than ever before.

Responsive Design

  • The website automatically adjusts for viewing on all devices (mobile phones, tablets and desktops). 
  • Key elements: Having large boxes, image resizing for better viewing, simple navigation, click-to-call phone icon and short blocks of text

 The prevailing trend in website design is to keep things simple, providing visitors with a good mix of pictures, detailed information, and points of contact.

Opportunities for Contact

  • Having request forms and phone numbers are crucial to the success of your construction business. 
  • Gathering more leads and find more people who are interested in your services.

Display your Credibility

  • Sharing customer testimonials or reviews and displaying the logos of businesses you partner with. 
  • Having a detailed “About us” page helps tell the history and story of your business, and is a good chance to mention any industry awards, partnerships or milestones.

Page Loading Speeding

  • In many instances, website visitors will bounce, or leave the website if they find that pages are loading too slow. 
  • Page loading speed is affected by a number of things, including hosting, website design and how images are handled. 
  • To improve your page loading speed, it is important for the webmaster to review all pages and images on a regular basis to make sure they are properly optimized.

High-quality photography

  • Investing in high-quality photographs will help your business look more professional and will better showcase your work to potential customers.
  • Having a few, good quality images is an extremely effective way for your business to stand out from your competition, which allows you to leverage your website as much as possible.

5 Effective Ways to Improve Your Construction Website 3Construction Website