7 Reasons Why Every Hotel Should Have Its Own Website

7 Reasons Why Every Hotel Should Have Its Own Website 1

Nowadays, online marketing is being used everywhere on the internet. The main reasons are because it is convenient, fast and effective. Technology nowadays makes it accessible, proving as a great tool for businesses in order to establish an online presence in their market. The reason why most people choose to do online business is because it’s the best cost-effective method there is. Naturally, there still exist expenses for website design and maintenance and online digital marketing but it easily set up a brick and mortar storefront for the business. But what if it’s a hotel?

Why must hotels have a website?

There are now countless internet users, which feeds the increasing number of online businesses such as e-commerce or food delivery services, serving to reduce traveling distance, traffic congestion and perhaps the best of all, saves time. The travel industry is no different, as there are online flight and hotel booking services which makes it highly convenient for visitors to browse and search for hotel’s information and make a booking in less than 10 clicks.

Unfortunately, some hotels are still using outdated traditional marketing such as an advertisement, whether it’d be in the magazine, radio promotion or through tour companies. The real question is can traditional marketing achieve the same level of effectiveness for hotels in this day and age? If traditional marketing methods fails to generate satisfactory results or are evidently less effective than before. It’s time for a change. It’s now finally time to find new ways to salvage your hotel marketing!

Reasons why hotels website should ALWAYS have a strong online presence

  • It gives you an online presence 
    The website exists to give information about your hotel for potential customers, whether it’s appearance, location, promotions or the unique attract points. What makes it good? Which, creating an identity on the internet is creating the website
  • It is the most important tool for hotel marketing 
    Your website is the final marketing destination for guests to land and book their rooms.
  • It is your own sales channel
    Your website is your alone and you’ll be able to get the full amount of from the transaction because without having to pay commission for affiliate marketing fees.
  • It is perfect for showcasing photos and videos
    To show pictures or videos of the hotel’s atmosphere, to create a  good impression in order to attract customers to stay at your hotel.
  • It builds relationships  
    Build relationships with guests with useful website content, such as recommendations for tourist attractions near your hotel, or content that can make guests laugh. Having good content throughout the website guest can create a long-lasting impression, which may attract those guests to return to stay at your hotel again in the future.
  • It is your branding  
    A website is a medium that allows you to communicate with guests with messages that you want to tell. You can influence what your brand will look like in the eyes of your guests but ultimately, they are the ones who determine what your brand is.
  • It can give you a tangible result  
    With traditional marketing websites, you can’t truly know how effective or how effective the strategy marketing is, because you cannot track the number of guests that have booked through the website or how many people actually see your
    advertising on the website or social media. Now, you will be able to immediately know the exact number of visitors or how many people have booked through the website, you can track that the marketing campaign and boost their effectiveness to improve sales conversion.

It’s clear that having a website for your hotel is going to contribute to the growth in many meaningful ways. If your business doesn’t adapt to the pace of technology or digital access, you may be one of the Digital Disrupted businesses in today’s competitive world.

7 Reasons Why Every Hotel Should Have Its Own Website 2