Nail website UX  with “Interactive Content”

In terms of website designs, one of the most important factors that many designers are aware of is UX or user experience. Since it is directly significant to users’ need and expectation, giving most attention to UX design is what every business is trying to do. Accordingly, those businesses plan their strategies to stand out from the competitive market. 

However, when taking a look at the content creation process, it is hard to find something new except for content writing. Unfortunately, a website with only writing can become a real bore for your users when they come to your website and find out that it is just a bunch of text. As a result, what you do is just driving the users away instead of gaining new audiences. What a bad ending.

The only answer now is seeking a new content type to get your business out of this hopelessness. “Interactive Content” might be what you are looking for. With the marketing statistics, almost 90% of marketing experts believe that this interactive content is an effective life saving tool which will revive dying static websites once again.

So, in this article, Yes Web Design Studio will enlighten you the power of interactive content. What is it? How does it work? And What is the benefit from using interactive content for your website? We have prepared the answers for these questions for you.

In This Article:

  • Getting to Know Interactive Content
  • The Types of Interactive Content
  • The Benefits of Interactive Content for Your UX Design

Getting to Know Interactive Content

Interactive content is the content that is created to meet the needs of user engagement. The main focus of this content type is the interactivity of the content and user participation which is different from only viewing content.

When the users see something that they can interact with or can participate in the website, naturally, the users will be drawn to that content and try to do something to the interactive content like making choices or exploring how that content works.

This type of content allows the users to engage with and make them have a real experience while journeying on the website. They can see, feel or decide as they want which leads to the creation of strong relationships between your brand and users. With the right interactive content, this will make your website embedded into the users’ mind effectively.

The Types of Interactive Content

There are many different types of interactive content you can create for your website. In this article we have selected some popular formats that are both visual appeal and full of interactivity, increasing your engagement in no time.  

Interactive Ebooks

We cannot deny that video has become a powerful media, playing an important part in nowadays visual presentation. With the interactive ebook, you can combine every element into your presentation including your content writing, awesome videos, interesting animation or even some user interaction.

Unlike static ebooks, your users and target audiences can come to play with your ebook. When they find something interesting inside your ebook, you can satisfy them even more by just adding some animation or providing some more informative videos. The more content your users can interact with, the more engagement you will get from them. 

Interactive Quizzes

Quiz is still an old-but-gold method when it comes to creating great user engagement. Since every website that has a test tends to become viral, this can make your website reach more audiences than ever. That makes quizzes become a powerful tool to create the connection between your audience and website.

The language and content used for the quiz can be fun and lighthearted as users might have zero intention to do a serious test on your website. So, a tip is just keeping it simple while making it relevant to your audience. You will win customers’ hearts in no time.

Interactive Infographic

Talking about the easiest communication tool, infographics is a worth-mentioning one. Infographics are very good for conveying information and concepts which the users or the audiences easily understand at one blink of the eye.

The reason why infographics are more than just a simple presentation is because they can root into the user’s memory as most readers tend to recall images rather than words. Moreover, with the interactivity inserted into your infographic, it will become more astounding to audiences’ eyes, adding some kind of animation or videos to perfect your presentation than ever before.

These 3 formats are just some examples of how interactive content looks like so you can get the concept of this content. After you understand it, the next step is to know why you should use interactive content to create the best user experience on your website.

The Benefits of Interactive Content for Your UX Design

Different from Others with Innovative Content

In the present, our world keeps going faster and faster. Making your contents static and passive might be out of trend. With the help of interactive contents, your website will be differentiated from others. Not just that, you can adapt your uniqueness for marketing strategy to meet the needs of the young generation.

Why the younger generation? The young generation receive most of the information on the internet. Their lifestyle is full of fast-paced excitement and various innovative platforms. That’s why sticking to old passive content might not be a good thing. So, what you should do is to inventively optimize interactive content to meet every audiences’ expectation. This interactive style can provide rich experiences for those young people and make them become your leads in no time.

Gaining More Engagement

Receiving as many engagements as you can is a big dream of many website owners. The plan is how we can get all of those users to visit the website. The more time your visitors spend on your content, the more engagement you will get. So, to achieve that, on their website, it is important to have some attention catching content, luring and attracting the visitors to stay on your website.

With the help of interactive content, the users will find your website worth-to-stay since it is not just a page with a bunch of words. Quality content is the most wanted to make your plan complete. They will play with your interactive content while journeying on your website, boosting user experience to the next level.  

Evaluable Feedback

The downside of passive content is the difficulty in evaluating the content performance. There are not many factors to know that your visitors truly engage the blog. The potential actions that can be for evaluation are like scrolling to the bottom page or downloading your content files. However, it is still a limitation since it is not accurate and suitable to call it good feedback since your content limits the action of the users. They have no choice.

Interactive content provides the users a lot of alternative actions for your website. They can play with your animation, explore your ebooks or even answer your quizzes. 

 In consequence of getting these feedbacks, you can make your strategic moves with less chance of stepping to the wrong path.

This is the benefit you can get from doing interactive content for your website. As you can see, it provides you both engagement and customer satisfaction which is important for reaping superlative user experience. So, optimizing interactive content in your marketing strategies is significant and can push you forward to your goal.

Final Thoughts

For those who own small businesses or are desperate for new strategic moves, interactive content can be a right answer. It is not hard to use and you can even adapt from your existing information. Changing a bit in an interactive way can bring you more advantages than you can imagine. 

On the occasion that you are looking for content creation and don’t know what to do, we, Yes Web Design Studio, are here to present you many innovative choices for you. Discuss with us now