How to Attract Audience with Article Writing

Let’s try to imagine if the article writer can lead your readers to sales that can build a new customer by just writing the article or convince readers to choose to do a business or shop on your website. How will it grow your website and business? Let’s check it out!


Have you ever wondered why does a website has a different design on each page?

This may be a question for those looking for answers.

Website design on each page has different purposes. We don’t need to change every page since the goals of each page we want to present are as following examples:

  • Present to staff and bosses
  • Define your brand
  • Explain the culture and system of the company
  • Attract visitors to the website
  • Educate detailly about the related knowledge
  • Others

For the most part, the pages that mention your target don’t change your audiences but these pages encourage them to change.

In the same way, each of the pages is unrelated and it doesn’t have to be related.

In each article, you will insert a link according to various keywords. And of course, inserting the right number of links is good for your search rankings in google. However, you might need to be a little creative about embedding links for each article page by including relevant information and internal links.

In this article, we’ll take you to the process of finding related topics, creating linked pages, and optimization within links, including promoting the page.

Let’s get started!


Creating Brand Awareness

First of all, it is the most important step to see if the content on the website is relevant to the topic and find a point that can attract readers. This step is should be emphasized and take the time to devote to promoting for ensuring that what we do can reflect on our plans.

The first step is to see which of our competitors are at the top and what they do related to topics

To observe our competitors, there are several pieces of information you need to collect, such as information about your competitors, how to get links If a competitor has more than 100 links and the topic is not clearly stated on the website. That is a topic that should be covered since we can know that it is a topic that can be linked. Then, we summarized it in terms of what topics and store the information of these links as well.

The key is to keep an eye on the topic or audience as the popular topic. Then brainstorm ways to naturally adapt that topic to your product or service.

Credibility is an important part of main topic links, and you want to cover topics that you can consider experts.


Production and Promotion

Once you have got the ideas for the articles, the next step is to create the website.

Explore your competitors’ websites to research how they design their websites and what they are putting on the website. If you are already done your research, this step should be easy since you now know the way to a successful website by learning from your competitors and other websites. 

Apart from this, when you are checking out other websites, it is the opportunity for you to look for the external and hyperlinks source to work as the partner for your website as well.

The most important part, of this step, is to connect with other pages in the website naturally by choosing the relevant topics.

Internal Link refers to the links within the same website, it will send the website visitors to other pages of the website to create traffic in the website and make people spend more time on your website. The Goggle will recognize the website as a quality website.

Promotion for the website should be clear as well.  You should have a list of potential links from the development phase. Building a website is much easier when you can identify potential visitors to link before creating content, and then design that content to connect with the audience.


Improving Keyword Ranking

Since we cannot target all of the potential audience at the same time, we need a strategy that is safe and will be able to attract more people. The internal link will send the audience to the target page that we want to push to the top of SERP. And then when more people visit that site, the keyword ranking will go up.

Within three months, you should be able to see an improvement in the keyword ranking.

You will see that

  • The focus keyword (high competition): will be placed on the first page of SERP
  • The secondary keywords can go up from page 4 to page 2 of SERP 

These keywords aim to make profits and increase ROI, and they will not work well without thorough keyword research.

In conclusion, attracting people to the website with links will draw the attention of the target audience and turn them into customers or buyers. So, we can say that article writing is one way of gaining customers.


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