3 Striking Search Engine Marketing Tactics

Let’s get to know 3 underrated search engine marketing strategies that will help step up your business marketing game and lead you to success.

What is Search Engine Marketing?

Search Engine Marketing

As part of your digital marketing strategy for Bangkok, you should be looking at Search engine marketing (SEM). SEM is to promote your business as well as your business website through search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and more. Search engine marketing is to promote your business by increasing the visibility of your website on search engines’ result pages. The whole point of search engine marketing is to get your website to the top rankings and be seen by as many search engine users as possible.

There are many ways to do search marketing both paid and organic. However, when we talk about SEM, the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is SEO or Search Engine Optimization. SEO is undoubtedly the most important method of SEM, since it talks about all things needed to make websites loved and prioritized by search engines which will make the website get a good place in the search result ranking. 

But we are not here to talk about SEO today, we would like to introduce you to some other tactics of search engine marketing that can contribute to your business’ SEM and success greatly.

Keep on reading to discover effective ways to do search engine marketing and get your website to the leading position in the ranking.

Today, we will introduce you to three overlooked search engine marketing strategies that will boost your website ranking to the top search result pages effectively in no time.

  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ads
  • Link Building
  • Website Design and Usability Optimization

Let’s see what makes these tactics of search engine marketing work so well.

3 Search Engine Marketing Tactics 

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ads

Pay-Per-Click Advertising is the SEM strategy that is like a shortcut to the top ranking of SERPs or Search Engine Result Pages. PPC advertising is the method of advertising your website as a search result on the SERPs when search engine users type in your targeted keywords. PPC ads will appear at the very top of the page, even before the first ranked website. If your target keyword matches search engines’ user search keyword, your PPC ads will appear as the first search results with the tag “ads” at the end.

As the name suggests, PPC ads only require you to pay when people click on the ads to get to your websites. It is an efficient way to save your advertising costs and maximize the result of your advertising investment since it only targets those who are really interested and are potential customers. 

However, just targeting the potential customers might not be enough for some businesses such as service providers like restaurants, mechanics, car rental, hotels, and more that customers are based on the locals and travellers in the areas. As well as businesses who want to target overseas clients.

If you want to reach the potential customers who are in your local areas, do not forget to do Geo-targeting. Geo-targeting is to only limit your ads appearance to only the focused geographical areas that will most suit your business goals and target audiences.

What is link building?, you might wonder. Link building is the process of gaining backlink to your website from external sites for the sake of search engine marketing. But why is it so important to have backlinks to your website and how does these backlink benefit your business website?, you will find out later in this article.

When your website is linked to by an external site, two great things happen that enhance your website performance and credibility. One thing is that more people who have never visited or know about your website before can get to your website, bringing more traffic to your website. At the same time, when search engines see that your website has been linked to by other reliable sources, it will increase your site’s authority and credibility. Once your website is recognized as one of the credible and authoritative websites, your website ranking will go up.

As we talked about, backlinks are links to your website by other websites, but it is not just any website. You want to make sure that the websites that are the source of your backlinks are trustworthy websites. Having many backlinks from spam websites or untrustable websites will not help your website. Instead it will make search engines penalize your websites and your website will not be ranked well. 

Normally, if you are producing and publishing great content on your website as a part of content marketing, these inbound links will come in naturally and increase over time. This process will take a lot of time and effort, but there is something you could do to build up the number of quality backlinks faster. 

The way to build backlinks you could do right away and can help you ensure the quality of your backlinks is to reach out to other websites that are publishing content related to your business and collaborate with them. You could offer to write an article for them, offer exclusive data or useful information for them to post on their website and ask them to link to your website in return. This method will work well if you pick the website relevant to your business, especially ones that their audience might be interested in your services or products.

Search Engine marketing

Website Design and Usability

People usually think about how to make the website ranking go up and while overlooking the most important factor when talking about search engine marketing which is website design and the website performance itself. Search engines do not only look at your content, SEO setting, and backlink amount when determining the ranking of your website. It also takes website usability, website experience your website provides and website’s page speed into consideration as well. 

Search engines, especially Google, will prioritize the website that has responsive design that allows website users on every type of device to use the website easily and efficiently. So you must make sure that your website is designed using responsive design and can adapt the interface according to the screen sizes perfectly.

Apart from being responsive, your website needs to be easy to use and the content must be easy to read. The website and content layout should be able to attract the attention of website visitors to the content and make them fully focused on the quality content provided on the website. When the readability of the website is high, search engines will give your website more credits and be more likely to prioritize your website. 

One more important factor that should be taken care of when optimizing your website for search engine marketing is your website loading speed or page speed. People nowadays do not like waiting too long for the website to load, and trust me the so-called “too long” for website page speed is just seconds. 

When your website takes too long to load, the potential is high that the search engines will not prioritize your website and the site visitors will also abandon your website and go to your competitors’ website instead. The recommended load time the webpage should take is only three seconds, so try your best to make your website as fast as possible for the best experience for your website users and to impress the search engines.

Final Thoughts 

Search engine marketing is an essential part of digital marketing. It is where potential customers look for the products and services they need. There are many methods of doing search engine marketing namely the search engine optimization (SEO), but to stick with only one method of search engine marketing won’t take you so far. If you have been working with SEO for a long time but still cannot find great improvement for your website and business, you might need to also include other effective methods like link building and paid search advertising to your search engine marketing as well.