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Blog 18

Learn how combining SEO and smart web strategies can boost up your business game

You may have heard of SEO. But how about combining it with clever strategies to help take your business into the level that you have yet to reach. We’re here to explain how you can implement such strategies. Keep reading. Are you familiar with SEO? SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of increasing the quality and the number of visitors (traffic) by increasing the ranking placement on the search results page of search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. SEO presents vast benefits to your business because it helps your business create a fast, powerful, and user-friendly website that ranks higher in the search engine results page also, getting more potential customers and boost better conversion rates comparatively, which build brand awareness and gets people to start to trust in your business.   Here are some trends and techniques that can help drive traffic to your website: Welcome to Mobile’s Era Nowadays, the number of mobile internet users is increasingly more than desktop users and we predict that in the future, all internet users will access the internet through their mobile devices. So, if you are running a website, then it should be responsive to desktops as well as on mobile devices. Quick Page Loading is the Best Page loading speed is important to websites for first-time users as it makes up the majority of the user experience. Newer websites or developed websites are more likely to perform better in terms of ranking than the ones that load slowly. More Video Content, Bring More Customers In 2020, to improve the conversion rate, you should include video content into your SEO strategy because of the growing number of social media, smartphones, and the preference of consuming video content is more important than ever before. Next, Let’s combine SEO with the strategies together by following these: Dive into the keywords Everything you type into Google or other search engines, there are many keywords that customers will see when they start typing the next letter. A good example would be Google Suggest, it will show the list of suggestions that the majority of users are searching for that specific topic. For checking the keyword search volume and competition levels, these are keyword tools that we recommend – SEMrush or Ubersuggest. Top-rank search on Google’s First page After finding keywords that you are interested in, you can check the competition rate. To do so, you input your keyword search then look at the first page of the results. For example, let’s search “fashion shoes.” The search is more likely to return well-known brands more than a smaller or unknown brand as they have established their keywords through numerous channels and are likely to have been around for a longer period of time.  A tool for checking who the biggest brand in your industry is – Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer, can show you the Domain Rating (DR) column in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) overview section, which shows as a list of brands and rate them …

Blog 19

Recruitment Website is a tool for you to meet job seekers faster

Nowadays, finding a job on online websites is very common because this world has become digital already and most of those who are looking for a job usually find a job on the website. Anyway, even it seems to be easy, there are still problems they concern about. For employers, they might think that spreading your recruitment news as wide as you can is enough. People will just come and apply at your company. It is something deeper than that. A good recruitment website can help you a lot. Why is the Recruitment Website important? First of all, you have to know that recruitment Website is beneficial to both job seekers and employers to meet each other. An easy to apply recruitment website can be a tool for you to meet job seekers faster. Your website will be the first thing that they see. If your website is not beautiful and attractive, it can reflect on your company’s image. They are not going to stay on the page so long because it can’t attract them and you will lose opportunities to get new people to work with. It is not just about designing it to look elegant or outstanding, but it affects on your website visitor average. However, to make your website effective for job seekers, you can follow a lot of tricks here.  Firstly, you have to keep your recruitment website clean, easy and professional. As the first thing, people see and it is your duty to make a good impression. You should have a suitable website for any devices, also provide a clear and easy section and navigation structure for them to follow. If your recruitment website might be attractive already, but it’s so complicated, it can decrease their interest in your company. You can design it by yourself or hire a professional designing team to help you. A proper search engine structure can arrange great reaches for your audience. You can have a good place on google search results page then that will drag more job seekers to your recruitment website. You can easily focus on using keywords that people type on google, creating a unique page title and page description. You should have an optimized job board because you use keywords very often, it will increase your traffic and rank which provides more credibility to your recruitment website and make job applicants feel more interested in your company. More people that are interested in your company, more choices you have to find the best ones. Don’t ever leave your recruitment orphaned, always update it. This is an important thing that you can’t ignore. You have to let job seekers know what is going on in your company, such as available job positions, recruitment updates. Since your website can help you communicate with them, so don’t forget to update your website’s information. Also, attractive recruitment requires correct and up-to-date content management. It is not only those updates but the contents. Job seekers will not trust you if your …

Blog 20

Biomedical Website Design has an impact on customers’ decisions

Can you guess how many biomedical websites we can find on the internet or how reliable they are? It is difficult to guess, right? If you have a biomedical company and want to be successful, this is what you should be concerned about. You have to understand its importance because this kind of company has to operate with other companies and this can increase more opportunities to drag people to acknowledge your website and company. This is not only beneficial to you but others including your partnered company, consumers, etc. Since your partners are usually from the medical industry which has to deal with healing, risky life, and death situations all the time. This makes it reasonable that your website should be clear, fast and easy to use. Be the website that helps them efficiently, not wasting their time. Some biomedical website designing has an impact on customers’ decisions Because it can be like a supporter of your company to drag people to take a look and read your company’s information. Old looking or unwell-managed websites might seem uninteresting more than well-designed and managed websites. Moreover, you should not focus on your partnered companies, your general customers also. Normally, they do not know much about biomedical products or details,  but you can make it closer to them. If you are curious about what can be elements to make your website remarkable, these are recommended things for you. Obviously your customers their types Informing customers their types can help reduce time on ordering decisions. Also, they easily find their desired products easily. Try to imagine, if you do not know what customers type you are and do know where to find what they want on your website. Will you stay on that website? You might leave and find other websites. Here are the examples of customers you can identify: General clients looking for biomedical products Hospitals ordering biomedical Equipment Companies that are in need of equipment service or training Others Define your own website display Having an unmatched website design and color is very effective for your website. It can make your visitors impressed. It is possible to use a website as a storefront. You can show your identity, your vision through your website. As it has been mentioned above that unwell-design is less interesting and reliable. More people visit your website, the higher search engine you are in the ranking. Now, you have to check out your website. Is it interesting enough? Use automation and integration  To be quicker to service your customers, The system that you use on your website is also related because If everything on the website is slow, such as the service and especially slow response. Your customer might be tired of waiting or in need to use your supplies or equipment. So, don’t forget to impress them and maintain their relationships.  Having a clear purpose and function You have to be clear of what you want your website to be and to find the function that …

Blog 21

Developing your website design lead you to success in financial service

In the digital Marketing world, online traffic has become an important source of the customer for banks, financial companies, and similar organizations. Nowadays, the customers are increasing every day to connected devices, banks, target customers through many online channels that include websites. Financial service is representative of trust and confidence. It’s not enough for banks to roll out websites with simple designs that resemble their competitors. Unique website design is invaluable and creates more chances to attract visitors as people are looking for custom experiences and diversity. One way to succeed in financial service is by creating and developing your website for prospective customers to choose you over competitors. There are some elements and features for financial websites to turn a simple financial website into a savvy professional financial website. 1.Clean, minimalist design When a potential customer gets on your website, there should be a concise message so someone can quickly tell what you offer and why you’re the company they should be working with. The homepage should then draw users into other pages of your website, with more details on what you offer and your firm’s mission. 2.Logos of outside organizations One great way to boost consumer confidence is to include the logos of organizations you’re affiliated with.  It could be a logo of a local store or a professional organization that you’re a member of. By including their logos at the bottom of your website, you’ll send your potential clients the right signals. 3.Feature your team Making a personal connection with your prospects and clients is important.  Be sure to include photos and bios of your team members so someone can get to know you better.  Don’t be “just” another professional firm. It’s connections like these that will help build more rapport and close more deals. 4.Clear contact detail Include your contact details on every page of your website — such as your phone number at the top of the website. Also, repeat your contact info (including phone number and address) at the bottom of each page.  Websites that don’t clearly provide their contact info generally have a hard time gaining their visitor’s trust. Making your contact info easy to find makes you look more credible as well as make it easier for people to get in touch with you. 5.Easy to follow service pages Feature your main service offerings on your homepage, with mini blurbs about each service, and link them to dedicated pages for each of your services/service categories.  This helps you in a number of ways. First, it makes it simple for prospective customers to find out and learn more about the specific services they’re interested in.  Second, it’s great for search engines to help bring in more qualified traffic to your website. 6.Company profile  Include a company profile page so someone can get a quick overall snapshot of your firm.  This would include info on when you started, what you focus on, who you work with, and why someone should work with you.  This …

Blog 22

4 Things That Have Proven to Benefit All Our Tech Clients

 tech clients – If you’re a technology business that is keen to realize the full potential of your digital Marketing investment and great tech necessitates great tech websites as well — there’s no getting around it. The best technology websites are insightful, imaginative and compelling. They integrate innovative features, dynamic elements, and seamless systems to help navigate users through a fluid and efficient buyer journey. Identify Visitor Types One of the main challenges with website design in general and technology web design, in particular, is identifying various user types coming to the site and developing content paths tailored to their specific needs. We help clients by identifying the specific types of users who will be interacting with the websites, what their specific needs are and to make sure that the site is designed and structured to meet their needs. This is especially important with technology websites as user types can be quite different ranging from developers and CTO’s to marketing managers and business owners. Telling the right story to each of these user types is key to your website’s success. Tell Story Visually Let’s face it, people don’t like to read these days. Most of the readers can only spare a small portion of their attention to anything at a given time. Because of this we’ve found that telling a story visually through custom graphics and diagrams works well to convey technical data in an easy to understand way. We will work with you to really understand what it is your business does, the problem your technology solves and the process that allows it to happen. We will then turn this understanding into visually appealing technical diagrams that can be easily understood by technical and non-technical people alike. Digestible Metrics Going back to people’s limited attention, most visitors don’t really read a website, they scan. They are quick at skimming through the content, looking to quickly qualify or disqualify the website for their needs. Another way we’ve found to capture visitor’s attention is to display easily digestible metrics. These can be anything from specific stats, percentages or key numbers that validate the performance of your technology. tech clients Strong Call to Action At the end of the day, the purpose of a website is to generate conversions, and that’s what we do best. Our sites are designed to look beautiful, unique and inviting; but the essence of the website allows your product or services to sell. We make sure that there is always a strong call to action found on all pages of the site and that the user is taken down a clear path with the final destination being an action taken. For B2C tech companies, this can be an immediate sale. For B2B tech companies, this action is typically an inquiry for more information or a product demonstration. tech clients In many ways, your product, whatever it is, is a solution to their issues. They aren’t looking to invest in new technology, they are trying to solve a specific …

Blog 23

5 Effective Ways to Improve Your Construction Website

Having an effective website for your construction company is more important than ever before, the goal of making the construction companies website is having an attractive, professional and high-ranking website to get them noticed. This article discusses 5 effective ways to improve your construction company’s website to help you stand out from the competition, gather more leads and connect with potential customers more than ever before. Responsive Design The website automatically adjusts for viewing on all devices (mobile phones, tablets and desktops).  Key elements: Having large boxes, image resizing for better viewing, simple navigation, click-to-call phone icon and short blocks of text  The prevailing trend in website design is to keep things simple, providing visitors with a good mix of pictures, detailed information, and points of contact. Opportunities for Contact Having request forms and phone numbers are crucial to the success of your construction business.  Gathering more leads and find more people who are interested in your services. Display your Credibility Sharing customer testimonials or reviews and displaying the logos of businesses you partner with.  Having a detailed “About us” page helps tell the history and story of your business, and is a good chance to mention any industry awards, partnerships or milestones. Page Loading Speeding In many instances, website visitors will bounce, or leave the website if they find that pages are loading too slow.  Page loading speed is affected by a number of things, including hosting, website design and how images are handled.  To improve your page loading speed, it is important for the webmaster to review all pages and images on a regular basis to make sure they are properly optimized. High-quality photography Investing in high-quality photographs will help your business look more professional and will better showcase your work to potential customers. Having a few, good quality images is an extremely effective way for your business to stand out from your competition, which allows you to leverage your website as much as possible. Construction Website

Blog 24

A clean and modern website design you need for your restaurant website

Clean and modern web design always be in trend. In this post, we will go through the elements of clean and modern website design that when combined, will create a website for your restaurant that your customers are guaranteed to love. What does a clean design consist of? Minimalism is to achieve simplicity. No customer wants to visit a website, get confused by the layout and leave. The challenge of clean design is to maintain a minimalistic style while still keeping all the information that is necessary to a customer. Examples include the location, opening hours and the list of  services they offer. For restaurants, this includes the kind of food you serve so you want to make it clear what kind of cuisine you offer and different options available. Most websites change their  front page weekly or even every day to include an image of a special meal or offer. Elements of clean design Whitespace Increase legibility, easier to navigate and read websites of any kind. It also helps redirect the attention of the customer to the things you want them to look at: the services you offer or any special deals you have going on at the moment.    Instead of making images and fonts bigger, whitespace around them can make them stand out, as well. Fonts  The size of the font has always been used to indicate hierarchy, which one comes first or is more important than a previous part. Make sure that it matches your brand. Overly fancy fonts should be avoided because you want everyone to be able to read the text. When it comes to combining different fonts, you should never use more than three types. Limited use of color Colors can often distract from important information, it is important to be subdued when using them.  Using a monochromatic color palette to achieve a clean design. Use bright font colors on dark backgrounds and vice versa.  Some even use these colors for backgrounds, which is a bold move that in some situations can look quite good, bright colors can add a lot of energy to a website, warm colors can do the same thing with the use of interesting shapes and graphics. Image use  Minimalism is all about clever image use. When we take a look at the previously mentioned examples, we can spot different image uses. Example: uses a photo of your food, using the black table as your whitespace in a way, and, while showcasing your food, leave enough space for all the text) Responsive design Make sure that your restaurant’s website is responsive. Making a website have a nice appearance while maintaining good performance on all devices, no matter how big or small they are, includes having images and fonts that look good, according to the screen size. Conclusion Today, it is almost necessary to have a website for your restaurant. It not only helps people find you but also offers them information about your business and gives them the option …

Blog 25

7 Tips for creating a great Non-profit Website

Have you ever wondered how non-profit website or charitable organisations often never fails to leave a long-lasting impression on the viewers? We’ll cover 7 tips to help you create an awesome website. Let’s start with: 1. Making your mission clear  When visitors land on your website, they should be a clear aim. What is your organization do about? For example, if you are endorsing education, you should include images or testimonials from students. If you are an animal or wildlife organisation, you might include a picture of animals on your website. This is an easy tool to engage supporters and give them a clearer picture to understanding your organization from the first time they visit your website.  2. Using content to attract the supporters  Engage supporters from the first time they visit the website and to gain audience support. For example, use interactive pictures to tell the stories or use videos on the homepage on the website, which makes you want to click further. 3. Make your website Donor-friendly  Make it easy for donors to donate from the website. For example, the National Organization for Women (NOW) and Breast Cancer Action (BCAction) try to make it easy for supporters to donate by having a donation form no matter where they are on the site. 4. Make volunteer recruitment easy Let them apply to join the options you offer right from the homepage. 5. Storytelling by images Use images to draw in supporters and tell the story of your mission. On top of telling your stories, these stories will serve to create trust and association with your organisation. When people see your logo and style, they’ll instantly know it’s your non-profit organisation they’re interacting with. It’s about leaving a good impression for your audience 6. Responsive mobile-website   Avoid using a large image, which makes it hard to scroll down to the important text. The text size should large enough and readable on the small device. 7. Connect your website to Social media  Expand more donation channel by connecting to social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. by having a button on the website for connecting to social media. non-profit

Blog 26

Effective Legal Web Design Trends in 2020

A law website needs to show your authority and skillfulness. You can market your firm and professionalism by infusing modern allure and creativity into your website, which will reflect your skillfulness and professionalism.  Before we go into legal web design trends, the 3 fundamental features that your website should have are mobile-friendly design, user-friendly navigation, and relevant content. After all, it is these features that will affect your search engine optimization. 3  Features that a Legal Firm or Law Firm Websites should have Mobile-Friendly Design – The accessibility of the website on every device and automatically adapt to the screen size and resolution of the device used. User-Friendly Design – Users can easily find what are they looking for on your website with the simple design of the menu. Relevant Content – The content of the website is catered to people who need your services.  Now, let’s go to the legal website design trends in 2020: 5  Web design Trends for Law Firms in 2020 Cinemagraphs – To attract user’s attention and give a great user experience, keeping them engaged and interested in your website. Serif Fonts – This font is represented to authority and professionalism, which are what you what to show on your website. According to Typewolf, the most popular serif fonts in 2020 are Casion, Garamond, Freight Text, Tiempos Text, and Minion. >> Tip: The reasons for using these font, because even on small screen, the texts are still clear, and easy to read. Videos – It helps you for using search engines such as Google or Bing. It will lead you to the relevant content and also, giving a great experience to the users. Micro-Animation – Use this to attract the user’s attention, for example, when you move the mouse cursor near the logo, it changes form.  This means you’re seeing a micro-animation. Minimalism – A clean design that can turn a simple message bold. For example, using a white background and black/grey for a text color to contrast important information, which complements the information for Legal website design. law web design

Blog 27

7 Reasons Why Every Hotel Should Have Its Own Website

Nowadays, online marketing is being used everywhere on the internet. The main reasons are because it is convenient, fast and effective. Technology nowadays makes it accessible, proving as a great tool for businesses in order to establish an online presence in their market. The reason why most people choose to do online business is because it’s the best cost-effective method there is. Naturally, there still exist expenses for website design and maintenance and online digital marketing but it easily set up a brick and mortar storefront for the business. But what if it’s a hotel? Why must hotels have a website? There are now countless internet users, which feeds the increasing number of online businesses such as e-commerce or food delivery services, serving to reduce traveling distance, traffic congestion and perhaps the best of all, saves time. The travel industry is no different, as there are online flight and hotel booking services which makes it highly convenient for visitors to browse and search for hotel’s information and make a booking in less than 10 clicks. Unfortunately, some hotels are still using outdated traditional marketing such as an advertisement, whether it’d be in the magazine, radio promotion or through tour companies. The real question is can traditional marketing achieve the same level of effectiveness for hotels in this day and age? If traditional marketing methods fails to generate satisfactory results or are evidently less effective than before. It’s time for a change. It’s now finally time to find new ways to salvage your hotel marketing! Reasons why hotels website should ALWAYS have a strong online presence It gives you an online presence  The website exists to give information about your hotel for potential customers, whether it’s appearance, location, promotions or the unique attract points. What makes it good? Which, creating an identity on the internet is creating the website It is the most important tool for hotel marketing  Your website is the final marketing destination for guests to land and book their rooms. It is your own sales channel Your website is your alone and you’ll be able to get the full amount of from the transaction because without having to pay commission for affiliate marketing fees. It is perfect for showcasing photos and videos To show pictures or videos of the hotel’s atmosphere, to create a  good impression in order to attract customers to stay at your hotel. It builds relationships   Build relationships with guests with useful website content, such as recommendations for tourist attractions near your hotel, or content that can make guests laugh. Having good content throughout the website guest can create a long-lasting impression, which may attract those guests to return to stay at your hotel again in the future. It is your branding   A website is a medium that allows you to communicate with guests with messages that you want to tell. You can influence what your brand will look like in the eyes of your guests but ultimately, they are the ones who determine what …

Blog 28

5 Video Editing Mobile Applications

Many people prefer to use mobile phones to do many things all in one device, including to take pictures or video, playing games, playing social media, search for information. But, did you know that now there are many mobile applications produced for video editing? By using these applications, video editing can be an easy task. Let’s go and see if there are any interesting applications. Recommended Video Editing Mobile Applications Splice This application is one of the popular video editing applications, available for free download on the AppStore for both iPhones and iPads. This app is developed by GoPro. The app has many functions and is easy to use, so it’s not a surprise that it is so popular. There are filters to adjust the color of the video and can add the transition as well. Let’s download and try other interesting functions. Pros: Ease of use Cons: Only available on IOS  Quik This app is another popular video editing app from the makers of GoPro. The app is available on both IOS and Android operating systems. They have less functions compared to Splice, but It is designed to get the job done faster because of automation tools like automatic video cutting. Pros: Auto Editing features Cons: Providing limited functions Adobe Premier Clip Coming to the next popular video editing app from the big software company like Adobe, Adobe Premier Clip. Adobe features in this app are available in a variety of basic functions and interesting functions such as automatic color correction. Let’s try it. Pros: Easy to use, Adobe Creative Cloud support, compatibility with other Adobe apps. Cons: Lack of basic functions such as video reverse InShot This app is an all-in-one app that has a variety of functions to choose from, not just video editing functions. But you can also create videos and edit photos on this app as well. It’s an interesting app, right? This app is available on both IOS and Android operating systems. But in the free version will attach the watermark to your videos and photos. If you want to get videos and images without watermarks you have to pay for premium version. Pros: All you need for video editing and more Cons: There is a watermark and ads in the free version KineMaster This app has video editing tools that make you feel like you’re editing the video on your computer. You can add music, texts, and effects to your videos. You can also record audio on top of to the video as well. You can use this app on both IOS and Android operating systems, but videos and images on this app will be watermarked. If you want unwatermarked videos you need to pay for Professional version. Pros: Providing interesting features Cons: There is a watermark in the free version. cost monthly for the Professional version. What do you think about these application? Read this article and try download these applications for your next edit video editing projects to post on social …

Blog 29

Web Design Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a website cost? We love this question… 😉 This is by far our number one question. Unlike other companies, we won’t treat you any differently whether you’re a small company starting up, or a large enterprise. We take care of all of the customers in the same way. Every project begins with discussing with the customer to discover what they need. The first important thing we need to know is a realistic budget for your website that you are willing to set aside a sum of money for. Of course, we put ourselves in your shoes and make sure you avoid overspending!  Second, We delve into features you need or want on your website. You can create a list of features that you’ll need down the line because this helps you focus on core features that can be prioritized. It also helps you minimize the cost as you grow.  Then we will estimate the cost based on your goals or we will let you know and give some advice about our packages. There are 3 packages for you to choose from and each package has a different price and components. Our plans consist of the starter package, standard package, and e-commerce package. How long does it take to finish a website? Each project is different, but on average we often have a website launched within 4 to 6 weeks. This timeline can be longer or shorter depending on how proactive you are with assets and revisions.  Our team uses a 6-step approach to build a website for our customers. We start with the first step “Briefing.” Our first meeting where we clarify the scope of work and discuss your vision and goals. Then we move to the second step,  “Planning” we prepare and allocate resources to meet your needs to help define a solution that meets your goals. This step includes preparation of content structure, describing necessary features and look at core elements for your project. The third step is the “Design” phase, it’s time to get started on your website! We will create a design for your website. This allows us to create what your website will look like based on our interpretation of your visions and goals discussed in the first step. Our best creative minds put their head down and get to work. We won’t sleep until we have the design we think you will love. The fourth step is called the  “ Development” phase. Our coding wizards breathe life into those designs. In this step, we will take the design, approved by you, and turn it into a fully functioning website. The fifth step is “Testing.” We make sure everything is in order and perform bug fixes if needed. Before we send the final product for you to see, we often go through a final round of revision. Here we take a close look at how every part of the website looks and works and decide if it meets the plan of action …