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Blog 12

How to increase conversion rate with UX/UI design

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works” – Steve Jobs – In an age of competitive online Digital marketing to increase sales channels and sales, websites are more accessible than ever. On certain platforms, you can choose to use templates with variety of designs and combinations to suit your industry, product and services. According to survey results, 79% of website visitors are ready to leave the site if they don’t have a good first impression of the first page. Today at Yes Web Design, we’ll be sharing our knowledge of UX/UI design particularly how it can affect your website and how to optimize conversion. In this article, we will discuss…. – What is UI (Right cerebral hemisphere) of the design? – What is UX (Left cerebral hemisphere) of the design? – Indications that your website has a good UX/UI design – How UX/UI can boost performance for your website? – Summary UI (Right cerebral hemisphere) of Design UI or “User Interface” relates to the look and feel of the site. Simply put, it’s important to present your website to meet the needs of the users who visit it. A good design can impart good mood and feeling to visitors. It is designed to give users a positive sense of the brand that speaks to customers in all dimensions, a pleasant experience to all those who visit. The UI design consists of: Brand presentation: logos, colors and fonts Page layout or blueprint: strategic placement of content on each page to be appropriate and to presentable.  3.Fonts: Use the fonts to express and convey your brand’s character 4.Design/Graphic elements: design each element to have a gimmick, thereby adding new dimensions to the visitors’ experience. Interactive design of each section: include effects that allows visitors to actively engage with your content UX (Left cerebral hemisphere) of Design UX “User Experience” is designed to create a positive experience for users. It is what defines the sense of how a website works, so the UX design of the business has a huge effect on how to impress your customers. The user experience is all that governs how they will interact with your website.  “To increase the trust and satisfaction of your users, you should make sure that your website has a good UX design.” The amount of timeframe you have to generate your user interest or engagement is frankly very limited. You’ll need capitalize on these opportunities to create a positive user experience and respond to visitor’s needs.  What does UX design include? Developing up to date web content that is tailored to you target audience  Structured and organized website that is intuitive and simple to use Analyze user behaviors then adapt, adjust and deploy to the website Simulate and create wireframes to better understand the system and reduce system defects Test from the end user point of view to reduce the error of the actual use after the website is launched Indications that your website …

Blog 13

6 Techniques to Boost your PageSpeed Score – Accelerate to the first page of Google!

  Before you start reading this article, you can test your website’s performance with GTmetrix or Google page Speed.            In this age, websites are so easily accessible to businesses. Nowadays, there are many platforms that have been launched for you to create your own websites. But what happens after your website has already launched? Have you ever checked the speed of your website or know how your website is performing?   No matter how good your content is, if your PageSpeed score is low, it can prevent your website from appearing on the first page of the search engine. Today, we’re sharing with you some techniques you can use to help you get your site on that first page!   “According to Crazyegg’s survey for e-commerce websites, 47% of customers expect the site to be loaded in 2 seconds or less; with 52% of customers who will return to fast-loading sites, and 79% who will not return to slow-loading sites“   In this article, we’re going to cover the following 1)        Why do websites need to pay attention to PageSpeed? 2)        Which tools are best used to check website speed performance? 3)        What does page speed have to do with SEO? 4)        6  Techniques to boost the PageSpeed score       1). Why do websites need to pay attention to PageSpeed? 🤔 Don’t forget that the main purpose of having a website is to provide an online channel for people to reach and interact more easily and conveniently, we call this “Traffic.” This is another important factor that Google’s algorithms use to analyze and rank the pages on Google search results.   A common example would be you clicking into a website to find parts of the website taking longer to load and images sometimes appear messed up. Even if your internet is fast and connection is pristine, the image still appears like an error. We can relate to this frustration as we believe you’ve experienced a lot of slow-loading websites, so it’s important to focus on PageSpeed because “bad PageSpeed = bad Ranking.”   2). Which tools are best used to check website speed performance? 🤫 At present, there are many providers or platforms that offer tools to measure performance, but we would recommend using: these two: Google PageSpeed and GTmetrix, both of which are free of charge, but both are not without limitations. Google PageSpeed is a tool that evaluates your website’s performance, a tool created by Google free usage. You can put a link to the site that you want to evaluate performance into the field and just press Analyze. Google PageSpeed’s limitation is that it’s not able to measure server performance in that area, and you can’t create an account to track your website at all times. Next up is GTmetrix, another free website performance tool. The advantage of this tool is that if you get Pro option, …

Blog 14

Revealing 5 Reasons How a ChatBot Ruin your business I Disrupts your sales I Drives away your customers

“Sorry but we do understand this question” “Please contact us again during our operating hours” “Oops, I’m not sure what that means, would you mind giving me more information or try a different query?” It’s not uncommon to see customers left dissatisfied after try to get their questions answered by chatbots on the site. This is perhaps why ChatBot is often left alone to their own device in the corner of the page. WHY is it then that the ChatBot’s system not robust enough? Why can’t it provide information that customers need?  How then do I set up a ChatBot that can provide information satisfactorily?  This article will lay all on bare why ChatBot can hurt sales, and why businesses lose customers to the point where they have to throw in the towel. What is a ChatBot? ChatBot is a type of AI that can learn and respond to conversations instantly as if you were having a normal conversation. For example, when a customer types a word, a chatbot gives a response, or a set of questions for customers to choose from. The reason for ChatBot is to substitute for a customer service person who cannot be in front of the computer 24/7/. Creating chatbots is like a concierge who will help build relationships with customers. A poorly designed chatbot structure that don’t respond to customer behavior can be detrimental to your business as stated in the title above. “The challenge of creating Chatbots is to design UX to meet the needs of customers who communicate via ChatBot” Reason 1: Your ChatBot has an undefined objective One of the rookie mistakes is the lack of draft scripts before creating a chatbot. This causes chat interactions to slip, or customers not understanding what the purpose of the bot is. Know what you are using the ChatBot for. For example, if you’re an agency you may want to use the bot for customers to provide contact details so that you can provide more information to them prior to closing the sale. Another example would be if you’re an accommodation or hotel providers who require guests to book their accommodation on the desired date and time.  Chatbot scripts for both companies are going to be completely different. And if we don’t identify the real purpose for the ChatBots to work effective, it can be a such shame to lose valuable leads or bookings. Reason 2: Unclear response and misaligned messaging  A good chatbot should have a short and easy-to-understand response. There should be no ambiguity or open-ended questions that may cause customers to repeat their enquiries. Case Study: A brand has created a Chatbot to respond to customers, you can see in the image below that the customer has chosen “Is anyone is available to chat?” From a customer’s point of view, that is probably a weak response. People do not have all day and almost always expects an immediate answer or if you are unable to provide an immediate answer, other contact …

WIX vs WordPress

WIX vs WordPress : Which is right for you?

Looking for a website-building tool? WIX and WordPress are platforms that allow you to create websites without prior programming knowledge. They’re for business owners who want to create their own website but don’t want to spend money to hire a website agency. WIX and WordPress boasts easy-to-use management system, and both are beginner friendly. As these two platforms are so similar, we’re here to help you decide which is a better suit for you. In this article, we’ll discuss… What WIX is What WordPress is Number of WIX and WordPress users Pricing for each platform Support for eCommerce functionality Summary What is WIX? WIX is an online platform that provides website creation services. You can design a website without any coding knowledge. They provide users with more than 500 websites from Template, giving you the freedom to fully manage your site’s components. More importantly, WIX-based websites are a mobile-friendly website that lets you set a domain name that matches your business or brand name according to your needs. Whether you’re a restaurant owner or real estate owner, you can use WIX to increase your brand presence online. What is WordPress? WordPress a major website builder that was established in 2003 and now into their 17th  year, with millions of users worldwide. You can create websites using WordPress for free, and you can also create a variety of websites on demand, such as blogs, business websites, online sales websites, and plenty more. Whether you have prior web design experience, you can easily learn build your own websites in Bangkok. WordPress is second to none when it comes to versatility. With content management called Visual Editor and more than 57,000 plug-ins, website optimisation are truly enabled by this powerful platform. Number of Users of WIX and WordPress WordPress’s number of users is still greater than WIX with 455 million active users now (according to data from Netcraft) and since the latter was launched in 2006 WIX’s user currently sits at 190 million websites (data from WiX). Pricing Let’s get this straight, BOTH platforms cost money. This may be one of the reasons why you can decide what’s worth it. You’ll inevitably see that if you chose to create a website via an online platform, there’s cost that owning a website entails, such as the domain rent, hosting fees, media storage fees, and more like WIX, the monthly cost for a business website is roughly 140 Baht/month*, but such price comes with several limitations that make you want to upgrade to another price. As for WordPress, the price usually includes domain, SSL hosting, plug-in fees, and more depending on the package. Read more to find out about the Packages. Usually when people see the price, they’ve already made up their minds. However, we want you to see further than which one is cheaper. You should instead ask, “Which one is right for me?” We want you to look at your actual use of whether this price is right for your business. If you are …

Blog 15

PDPA – What is it and Why it Matters

As the online world rapidly grow and evolve, people’s access to information and media are more streamlined than ever. In the recent past, online platforms are not as widely used as today. There are many companies or organizations who are still not use the user information to improve their marketing strategies. Why All Web Services Provider Should Have PDPA? With those that do, you will have noticed after visiting a particular site, that there’s always ads from that website following you around, even if you didn’t even click a single thing. That’s because the site has stored some of your data via the visitor tracking system and set ads to appear when you go to an ad-based platform, also known as “Pixel.” It’s this very Pixel that Facebook uses tracks visitor behaviors on their site. Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) started around two decades ago. At that time, technology began to play a greater role, and increasingly used in the form of Information Technology. Computer systems were so integrated with people’s lives such that perhaps us humans were the ones to have adapted to technology. Your computer acts as a personal data collector, whether it’s your name, date of birth, address or even financial information. Rightfully, that had fueled the impetus for movement around the right to protect those data. In order to prevent personal information being taken without the consent of the owner of such data, was the reason for an enactment of the Personal Data Protection Act in 2019, which we often call PDPA for short. Why do we Need PDPA? Many have questioned whether the Computer Crime Act B.E 2550 would have sufficed in terms of data protection. Why do I need PDPA? It must be re-iterated that the 2019 Privacy Protection Act was a law that helped improve coverage in adjunct to the Computer Crime Act B.E 2550. In other words, PDPA was created to further protect people’s information. Computer Crime Act B.E 2550  is a law that gives the government the power to control information access on a public level. With these laws, the citizens it can be more assured that their own personal information will not be leaked, for there are hefty penalties and fines if that were to happen. Coming back to question – Why do we need PDPA? If you are an organization or company that provides products or services, and has any form of  customer data collection, whether through the form of filling or payment details. You are going to want to protect yourselves. The most well know example of this century where a company or organization has collected user’s personal information but did not have PDPA in place – The Facebook case. Having to pay a total fine of $5 billion to the US Federal Trade Commission from mishandling of user data. The $5 billion penalty against Facebook is the largest ever imposed on any company for violating consumers’ privacy. Facebook is doing fine as they have financial reservations to …

Blog 16

Discover how to best use keywords to help get your website noticed by clients

Learn about your current audience One of the key elements to success in Digital marketing is knowing your audience. You need to identify the people who really want or need what you’re offering because audience targeting can help you design more effective business strategies and find opportunities for growth. It will also help you to identify different customer profiles, understand the way to conduct your marketing, develop your product to be unique, fulfilling the preferences of those customers. The way to understand what the audience needs are an observation of demographic information. Demographic information is the collection and study of data regarding the general characteristics of specific audiences such as age, gender, location, income, employment, etc – that can help analyze and distinguish your specific audiences in each segment. Make a list and analyze your keyword list A keyword is a word or a group of words that the user describes finding information that they are looking for on the internet. The keyword can help you to understand the target marketing and understand how they are searching on the internet for your content, products or services. When you want to use keywords to increase ranking on the google search ranking, you have to make a list of words or scope of the words that need to be used from a brainstorm with other people in your team. Write down as many keywords that you think are related to your product and that your customers will likely input in their search engines. If you do not make the scope, you might be losing money to futile marketing efforts. This method helps to save you money and time. Once you have relevant keywords to your content – you have to analyze words that you write down to find the most efficient words that are applicable to your site. This method really helps identify a group of keywords easily and really help you reduce cost in the long run. Finally, you can use ‘KWFinder’ to help you select the word and check the value of these words. The right word will naturally generate a better ranking for your company. Check your competitor The reason to check your competition is to understand how your competition is performing in the search engine rankings and to be able to compete with your competitor’s keywords. While this won’t be an easy battle, we have ways to maximize your chance of winning. Firstly, make a list of your main competitors and go to their websites to see what keywords they use by reading content, blog or articles on their websites. This method will help you to identify the relevant keywords. However, seeing the keywords alone is not enough. You have to see what tool they use, the price bid of keywords and potential competitors. The main point of checking your competitors is to discover new keywords that you may have never used before.  Tip: A tool that can really help you is SpyFu. SpyFu is a popular tool …

Blog 17

7 Tips to Create High-Quality Backlinks

Article by Yes Web Design Studio Backlinks are very common when it comes to SEO. Website creators must be familiar with this tool if they want to rank higher on search engines.. How can  you be certain that your backlinks are good enough?  It’s very important to make good backlinks because they are a standard used by search engines to define your rankings. If you feel that your backlinks are still weak, these are factors that you should always consider to create powerful backlinks. Relevancy of backlinks To create a good backlink, you have to know your audience. This means knowing what relates to their preferences because they’ll be that much more likely to click on it. Visually, if your web design agency website has backlinks from a few websites, one about creating a website and others about food, it’s obvious which holds more relevance.  Relevant backlinks are much more valuable. Google would prioritise relevant backlinks since people will prefer to click on them. Reason of linking You should find why some contents have a lot of backlinks because it helps you create content that’s linkable to websites. For example, posts about food have more backlinks than posts about medicine because people prefer to search about food to medicine, so bloggers or content writers create a lot of posts and backlinks about food. Authority of websites You should always find and check who links back to you. Why is it important? Because not all backlinks are equal. The authority of the other websites is taken into account.  Backlinks from websites with higher quality create more authority because those websites are strong and already have ample amount of visitors. Authority is also based on the relevancy between your backlinks and those websites. How does this help? You’ll get a lot to get more visitors landing on your site because of these strong websites direct traffic back to their original resources. You also can receive more authority from the internal links.   Traffic of websites You should observe the traffic of other websites that link back to you because you can get better referral traffic from websites with high traffic. Having higher referral traffic is good for websites because it can bring more visitors and prospective customers.  Backlink placement Where you place your backlinks is also important because it’s all about how to get noticed by people. People are likely to click more eye-catching backlinks. That’s why backlinks should be placed in a noticeable way.  If backlinks are in the content, you can make them more outstanding by using a different color and front. Also, avoid placing backlinks at obscured positions, such as at the bottom of the place,as there’s no guarantee that people will see it. See for where to place your links. Followed and nofollowed backlinks  Followed backlink is a kind of link that has a good impact on your search engine ranking while nofollowed does not influence your ranking. This means that the destination website that receives nofollowed backlinks will …

Blog 18

Know How Backlinks Helps Your Website

As a web design agency, we focus a lot on making smart use of backlinks. We employ strategies to maximize their effectiveness. Unfortunately, people still lack enough information or understanding to appreciate the benefits of backlinks. The reason that we consider backlink important is because they add various effects on your website including your online website success. That is why we’re here to help you learn more about what backlinks and how you can best apply it to your business.  What are Backlinks? Backlinks are one of the most used elements in search engine optimization (SEO) or we can say that backlinks are a part of the SEO process. (The process of improving the quality of traffic and ranking of websites to be ranked higher on search engine results page). The first basic thing you have to know is what backlinks are. Backlinks are links from a page or content that link to another website. These links are embedded in your contents and will lead back directly to your website when clicked.  Why are Backlinks Important? Good for Organic Ranking In general, having multiple backlinks to your website is good for your search engine ranking. However, just having high quantity backlinks is not always good because google also checks the quality of all the websites that link back to your website. Quality is also another factor that affects the ranking on search engine result page (SERP). More discoverability  Search engines always look for new content to return the best results to people. The way they find it is revisiting pages or websites that they already found to gather new content and links. Moreover, people are more likely to find and visit your website faster if you have backlinks from popular websites as search engines usually visit popular websites more often, just like us. We prefer to read contents from well-known websites because it’s easy to find. Referral Traffic Backlinks help people discover great resources. They can click on links to visit the original website. That’s why those backlinks have to be clickable. The more clicks, the better traffic you get. Furthermore, you should know the different types of backlink. There are many types of backlink, but we will focus on the three easy main types, to make it easy to remember.  Natural Editorial Links You can find this type of backlink everywhere. It is a type of backlink that doesn’t require payment, which can happen naturally when your website content is interesting and is used as a reference. Those who are intrigued  by your content will create a link back to your website and subsequently will make your website rank higher. Manual Link Building It is a link that’s created by yourself, whether it be submitting your website on directory websites, exchanging backlinks with other websites, or buying links from others. You have to be very careful if you want to buy links because it might not be worth it. especially  if you work with a low quality SEO company. Our suggestion is you …

Blog 19

Learn how combining SEO and smart web strategies can boost up your business game

You may have heard of SEO. But how about combining it with clever strategies to help take your business into the level that you have yet to reach. We’re here to explain how you can implement such strategies. Keep reading. Are you familiar with SEO? SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of increasing the quality and the number of visitors (traffic) by increasing the ranking placement on the search results page of search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. SEO presents vast benefits to your business because it helps your business create a fast, powerful, and user-friendly website that ranks higher in the search engine results page also, getting more potential customers and boost better conversion rates comparatively, which build brand awareness and gets people to start to trust in your business.   Here are some trends and techniques that can help drive traffic to your website: Welcome to Mobile’s Era Nowadays, the number of mobile internet users is increasingly more than desktop users and we predict that in the future, all internet users will access the internet through their mobile devices. So, if you are running a website, then it should be responsive to desktops as well as on mobile devices. Quick Page Loading is the Best Page loading speed is important to websites for first-time users as it makes up the majority of the user experience. Newer websites or developed websites are more likely to perform better in terms of ranking than the ones that load slowly. More Video Content, Bring More Customers In 2020, to improve the conversion rate, you should include video content into your SEO strategy because of the growing number of social media, smartphones, and the preference of consuming video content is more important than ever before. Next, Let’s combine SEO with the strategies together by following these: Dive into the keywords Everything you type into Google or other search engines, there are many keywords that customers will see when they start typing the next letter. A good example would be Google Suggest, it will show the list of suggestions that the majority of users are searching for that specific topic. For checking the keyword search volume and competition levels, these are keyword tools that we recommend – SEMrush or Ubersuggest. Top-rank search on Google’s First page After finding keywords that you are interested in, you can check the competition rate. To do so, you input your keyword search then look at the first page of the results. For example, let’s search “fashion shoes.” The search is more likely to return well-known brands more than a smaller or unknown brand as they have established their keywords through numerous channels and are likely to have been around for a longer period of time.  A tool for checking who the biggest brand in your industry is – Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer, can show you the Domain Rating (DR) column in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) overview section, which shows as a list of brands and rate them …

Blog 20

Recruitment Website is a tool for you to meet job seekers faster

Nowadays, finding a job on online websites is very common because this world has become digital already and most of those who are looking for a job usually find a job on the website. Anyway, even it seems to be easy, there are still problems they concern about. For employers, they might think that spreading your recruitment news as wide as you can is enough. People will just come and apply at your company. It is something deeper than that. A good recruitment website can help you a lot. Why is the Recruitment Website important? First of all, you have to know that recruitment Website is beneficial to both job seekers and employers to meet each other. An easy to apply recruitment website can be a tool for you to meet job seekers faster. Your website will be the first thing that they see. If your website is not beautiful and attractive, it can reflect on your company’s image. They are not going to stay on the page so long because it can’t attract them and you will lose opportunities to get new people to work with. It is not just about designing it to look elegant or outstanding, but it affects on your website visitor average. However, to make your website effective for job seekers, you can follow a lot of tricks here.  Firstly, you have to keep your recruitment website clean, easy and professional. As the first thing, people see and it is your duty to make a good impression. You should have a suitable website for any devices, also provide a clear and easy section and navigation structure for them to follow. If your recruitment website might be attractive already, but it’s so complicated, it can decrease their interest in your company. You can design it by yourself or hire a professional designing team to help you. A proper search engine structure can arrange great reaches for your audience. You can have a good place on google search results page then that will drag more job seekers to your recruitment website. You can easily focus on using keywords that people type on google, creating a unique page title and page description. You should have an optimized job board because you use keywords very often, it will increase your traffic and rank which provides more credibility to your recruitment website and make job applicants feel more interested in your company. More people that are interested in your company, more choices you have to find the best ones. Don’t ever leave your recruitment orphaned, always update it. This is an important thing that you can’t ignore. You have to let job seekers know what is going on in your company, such as available job positions, recruitment updates. Since your website can help you communicate with them, so don’t forget to update your website’s information. Also, attractive recruitment requires correct and up-to-date content management. It is not only those updates but the contents. Job seekers will not trust you if your …

Blog 21

Biomedical Website Design has an impact on customers’ decisions

Can you guess how many biomedical websites we can find on the internet or how reliable they are? It is difficult to guess, right? If you have a biomedical company and want to be successful, this is what you should be concerned about. You have to understand its importance because this kind of company has to operate with other companies and this can increase more opportunities to drag people to acknowledge your website and company. This is not only beneficial to you but others including your partnered company, consumers, etc. Since your partners are usually from the medical industry which has to deal with healing, risky life, and death situations all the time. This makes it reasonable that your website should be clear, fast and easy to use. Be the website that helps them efficiently, not wasting their time. Some biomedical website designing has an impact on customers’ decisions Because it can be like a supporter of your company to drag people to take a look and read your company’s information. Old looking or unwell-managed websites might seem uninteresting more than well-designed and managed websites. Moreover, you should not focus on your partnered companies, your general customers also. Normally, they do not know much about biomedical products or details,  but you can make it closer to them. If you are curious about what can be elements to make your website remarkable, these are recommended things for you. Obviously your customers their types Informing customers their types can help reduce time on ordering decisions. Also, they easily find their desired products easily. Try to imagine, if you do not know what customers type you are and do know where to find what they want on your website. Will you stay on that website? You might leave and find other websites. Here are the examples of customers you can identify: General clients looking for biomedical products Hospitals ordering biomedical Equipment Companies that are in need of equipment service or training Others Define your own website display Having an unmatched website design and color is very effective for your website. It can make your visitors impressed. It is possible to use a website as a storefront. You can show your identity, your vision through your website. As it has been mentioned above that unwell-design is less interesting and reliable. More people visit your website, the higher search engine you are in the ranking. Now, you have to check out your website. Is it interesting enough? Use automation and integration  To be quicker to service your customers, The system that you use on your website is also related because If everything on the website is slow, such as the service and especially slow response. Your customer might be tired of waiting or in need to use your supplies or equipment. So, don’t forget to impress them and maintain their relationships.  Having a clear purpose and function You have to be clear of what you want your website to be and to find the function that …

Blog 22

Developing your website design lead you to success in financial service

In the digital Marketing world, online traffic has become an important source of the customer for banks, financial companies, and similar organizations. Nowadays, the customers are increasing every day to connected devices, banks, target customers through many online channels that include websites. Financial service is representative of trust and confidence. It’s not enough for banks to roll out websites with simple designs that resemble their competitors. Unique website design is invaluable and creates more chances to attract visitors as people are looking for custom experiences and diversity. One way to succeed in financial service is by creating and developing your website for prospective customers to choose you over competitors. There are some elements and features for financial websites to turn a simple financial website into a savvy professional financial website. 1.Clean, minimalist design When a potential customer gets on your website, there should be a concise message so someone can quickly tell what you offer and why you’re the company they should be working with. The homepage should then draw users into other pages of your website, with more details on what you offer and your firm’s mission. 2.Logos of outside organizations One great way to boost consumer confidence is to include the logos of organizations you’re affiliated with.  It could be a logo of a local store or a professional organization that you’re a member of. By including their logos at the bottom of your website, you’ll send your potential clients the right signals. 3.Feature your team Making a personal connection with your prospects and clients is important.  Be sure to include photos and bios of your team members so someone can get to know you better.  Don’t be “just” another professional firm. It’s connections like these that will help build more rapport and close more deals. 4.Clear contact detail Include your contact details on every page of your website — such as your phone number at the top of the website. Also, repeat your contact info (including phone number and address) at the bottom of each page.  Websites that don’t clearly provide their contact info generally have a hard time gaining their visitor’s trust. Making your contact info easy to find makes you look more credible as well as make it easier for people to get in touch with you. 5.Easy to follow service pages Feature your main service offerings on your homepage, with mini blurbs about each service, and link them to dedicated pages for each of your services/service categories.  This helps you in a number of ways. First, it makes it simple for prospective customers to find out and learn more about the specific services they’re interested in.  Second, it’s great for search engines to help bring in more qualified traffic to your website. 6.Company profile  Include a company profile page so someone can get a quick overall snapshot of your firm.  This would include info on when you started, what you focus on, who you work with, and why someone should work with you.  This …