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Blog 6

Why UTM is Important for Website Building?

Article by – Yes Web Design Studio Have You Ever Known… Where is the traffic that comes to our website come from? The only we can do is to create UTM but What is UTM? Let’s find out. What is UTM? UTM or Urchin Tracking Module is a parameter that is placed at the end of the URL which is the URL of the Landing Page. It can be used for analyzing customer behavior that where they come from, how they come, and why they come. UTM consists of… Website URL or link of the website we want to analyze UTM_Source is the source identification that where they come from such as Social media or Google. UTM_Medium is the part after the source or advertising media that the person clicked the link from. For example, the source is Facebook and medium post. It can tell us that the person who clicked on this link is from the post on Facebook. UTM_Campaign or slogan we use for advertisement or sales promotion UTM_Term is identifying paid search keywords. If you’ve tagged your campaign for a purchased keyword, you should use UTM_Term to identify that keyword too. UTM_Content is used to separate the content of similar articles from the same source and medium. The Benefits of UTM UTM allows us to see the website’s performance and how many people visit it. How long do visitors stay on the website? And which source do they know about our website? Once you know the data and analyze it, you will be able to create a marketing strategy more effectively. Obtain accurate and clear information Know how effective the invested media is. Know the results of the campaign In a nutshell, UTM is a technique where we put a variable at the end of our page URL and when this new link URL is placed in any media and the various used sources. It will allow us to know where our website gets traffic from. It consists of three things: 1) source, 2) medium, and 3) campaigns. The UTM is a basic tool that anyone can use. So that, we can continue to develop the website better. Web Design Agency in Bangkok – Web Designers in Thailand – The Experts of Web Design here only at Yes Web Design Studio

Blog 7

New Facebook Feature to Collecting Points and Redeem Prizes

  ” Collecting points for redeeming rewards “ Shopping lovers may feel “wow” because the best promotion campaign, which attracts many people to buy for points and collect them to redeem rewards, become one of the features of Facebook. And, today we are going to tell you more about this feature. When talking about Sephora, many girls may get the point because Sephora is a virtual cosmetic shop for every woman. Sephora initiates this program and uses it as an interesting strategy that boosts sales promotion. Facebook confirms that they start testing this new feature and make users can see the point collection through the application Facebook. Sephora will begin to launch this program in America first. However, we believe that when this feature comes to Thailand, many shoppers will be satisfied. Here’s how this feature looks like From the picture above, the Facebook users can connect the account that we used for point collection. So, after we connect, Sephora will offer privileges through the Facebook feed in no time. Why We Have to Pay Attention to This Feature This is because it is the first big advertising product from Facebook which concentrates on brand loyalty, making the brand access to personal information of the customer who has to get services before such as point data or rewarding. Not only the target audience, but the brand also contact its old customers again by using advertisement which is adjustable as customers want. When talking about safety, many people may be concerned that their information will be leaked and used in bad ways. Don’t worry because before you connect with this feature, the policy and agreement will show up so you have to make sure that you have read it thoroughly. What do you about the platform? This platform often innovates new things for the users. You can see that there is changing in the normal shops that makes many platforms adapt themselves to meet the need of their customers.  Web design in Bangkok – Web designers in Thailand – The expert of web designingOnly here at Yes Web Design Studio

Blog 8

6 Must Known Chrome Extensions for Better Marketing

For digital marketers, Chrome Extensions can save your time and make your life a lot easier. Today, we would like to introduce 6 Chrome Extensions that come to help you work with SEO more effectively. Have you ever heard that a good inventor must have good equipment? In marketing, there is indeed no way you will get good marketing without the help of effective equipment and tool. So, let’s get to know each beneficial extension. Grammarly  It is a language and grammar checker which is used for correcting articles or posts on a website and checking language errors in content. Buzzsumo  It is a tool be used for calculating social media marketing. The data will come in the form of metrics which we can create a real-time content production strategy, including brainstorming various ideas in choosing a topic for content creation. Keyword Suffer This extension will tell you information from around the world that where are the users from, what countries, and what keywords are relevant, and that they can continue to use? It also tells you how many domains there are, including having a top 10 ranking of backlinks in each URL. MozBar MozBar can give you access to an SEO overview for each website you visit or webpages that you save in SERPs. It will look at your website content, social media triggers, backlinks, as well as access to domains or website pages. SimilarWeb It allows you to access more in-depth information about engagement metrics such as traffic, time spent on site, bounce rate (User enters one page of the website and closes this page), and many more. In addition, we also get information about our target customers in the form of demographics and how much we have spent on content creation. Redirect Path This tool is more than just a tool for checking for broken links. It also helps us to resolve any technical issues that arise on our website. When we run the program and then get an error, a red symbol will appear and will turn green once it is fixed. This is an advantage that will let us know whether the link is ready to use or not. We hope that these recommended Chrome extensions will be advantageous and help your work smoother and easier. For more information: Facebook : yeswebdesignstudio Instagram : yeswebdesign_bkk Twitter : yeswebdesignbkk 

Blog 9

Messengers Rooms: New Feature from Facebook

Facebook Launched Its New Feature “Messenger Rooms”, Making Your Meeting Easier and More Convenient When coming to Facebook, it is something that we are familiar with in our everyday life and use almost all the time. We believe that many people will have video calling with their friends on Facebook, but according to the latest news from Facebook, there will be a new feature launched. How will it be? What are the advantages? Let’s get to know more about this feature together. Nowadays, it can be considered as an era where AR and VR are new trends that gains much attention from society. Later, Facebook became interested in the real-time video such as WhatsApp and Messenger which have over 700 million active users who communicate every day. In many countries, video calling users through Messenger and WhatsApp are twice a year. With more and more live streams on Facebook and IG in the past March, Facebook made its decision to add this feature to make video calls feel smoother and more natural. Let’s See How Messenger Room Works! Messenger Rooms has the same function as a regular video call. But, the specialty of Messenger Rooms is that we don’t need to have or sign up for a Facebook account to use it. That means it’s easy to use by anyone. With Messenger Rooms, we can spend time with our friends, loved ones, or even like-minded people by creating a chat room through Messenger or Facebook. Moreover, we can also invite anyone to join the video call together even if they do not have a Facebook account. Looks more interesting, right? You don’t need to sign up or have a user account, you can use it and join many meetings without limitations during the Covid-19 period. Many universities have changed to study online. Many companies have online meetings. And, this may be an alternative way of communicating via video calling. Whether you are hosting a party, meeting, drinking with a group of distant friends. You can also share the video call to your timeline feed, group, or event. It is very easy and fun to try. And, soon this feature will be available on Instagram Direct, WhatsApp, and other Facebook-owned channels. If any of your friends or group create this chat room with you. You will find them on Facebook and be able to participate in many activities at the same time through this Messenger Rooms video call. You can join either from your smartphone or computer as well. There is no need to download any application to use this feature. If you have the Messenger app, you can use filters like the bunny ears filter and other features in the app. When you create a chat room. You can choose who can see it and who can participate in this chat room. Likewise, if it’s a secret conversation, you can also lock the chat room for preventing other people to join in. Messenger Rooms is now available in some countries …

google tag manager

How to Set Up Google Tag Manager on the Website

When talking about E-commerce or digital marketing on our website, have you ever known about visitor behaviors? For example, on an E-commerce website, how many customers come to the website, look for what they want, or select to the shopping cart but not get into the payment session? Or how many times do they watch the video or click on the website? All in all, we can know via the marketing tool which is very popular among E-commerce Website and Company website. This magic tool is called Google Tag Manager by Google, used for tracking the behaviors of the website visitors to make them follow KPI. Looking at its name, you may think that you really can use it? It is much easier than you think. What you get from this article  How to Create and Set Up Google Tag Manager Basic Instructions The Benefits of Google Tag Manager How to Create and Set Up Google Tag Manager Today, we are here to explain and sum up how to set up Google Tag Manager for those who want to track visitor behaviors when they visit our website. Are you ready? Firstly, before you set up the software, you need to create an account at Google Tag Manager Official Website. On this page, there is no significant difference from how to set up google analytics. You must click Start for free for creating your account but if you already have Google Tag Manager, you do not need to create it again. If you are new to this one, just log in and create a new Google Tag Manager Account and Container. Google Tag Manager has the same functions as Google Analytics. It is used for companies, organizations, or E-commerce websites which inside Container can have many tags, triggers, or variables. After creating a Google Tag Manager account, where can we get a code? Google Tag Manager will provide code for set up on your website.  1. Firstly, you have to click the Container ID link at the right top corner beside Publish button and Preview button. 2. Another way is clicking in a Menu tab and choosing a container. After that click Install Google Tag Manager. After you do it following one of the ways, you will get code to add to your website. Then, add the code in the backend of the website at <Head>…*insert here*…</Head> as the picture is shown below. Let’s See the Tag We Set Up Can Work or Not After you install Google Tag Manager, you have to recheck that it can work. The way to find it is very easy. Just go to the webpage that you install. Right-click on the background of the website then select view page source and find the installed code by looking at gtm.js. The Basic Instruction Before starting, we would like to show you each process and how it works. The main structure of Google Tag Manager consists of 3 sections: Tag   Trigger  Variable The first section is Tag …

Blog 10

Types of Triggers in Google Tag Manager

  You can better understand this article if you have read How to set up Google Tag Manager In this article, we will focus on how to track website visitor behaviors through Google Tag Manager or GTM in several forms which you can bring to improve your website by looking into in-depth information of the visitors. Let’s review Google Tag Manager before getting into this article. Do you remember…  What is Google Tag Manager? How does it work? Where can we get the result from tracking? The purpose of using this device is to get the information of website visitors which we can adjust by the device. After we get the data, we can use it for marketing strategy and also develop a business model. Google Tag Manager is tracking software used for website or application visitors which is easily used and effective. Moreover, you can use it for free and don’t need to code or have programming knowledge before. The structure of Google Tag Manager will be separated into 3 sections which are Tag, Trigger, Variable. These 3 sections work together for creating the instruction and tagging the instruction on our webpage. Sometimes, when you start using GTM, you might be doubt where you can find the result.  We would like to inform you first that this software just creates an instruction. To get the result, you must select to connect with Google Analytics for tagging and showing the result on the platform. Let’s start with the First Trigger “Page view”  What is pageview? How is it important? Have you ever wanted to know the number of website visitors of a website? GTM has one trigger acting as a collector software, recording and counting the number of page views on the website. This trigger is used with Tag and Variable by adjusting the condition such as all page views or some page views. At this point, you can assign that when this trigger occurs then the other trigger in page views will occur. For example, creating Trigger Page Views and then selecting Some Page View, after that, select Variable as Click Class (you can create Variable as you prefer). Then, choose to contain and insert wanted values. After the system check that the user access occurs as the condition. Trigger and Tag will work and the information will be sent to Google Analytics. The question is when Google Analytics can count and report Page View results. Do we still need to use GTM? The answer is yes because if you want to get in-depth information, using only GA is not enough. Thus, we have to use GTM for detailed and clear analysis.  Want to Know about Where Website Visitors Click, Try Using This Trigger “Click” Click is an algorithm designed for counting the number of website visitors and where they click the most on your website. The function of the Click trigger is adjustable because the types of clicks are categorized into 2 patterns: Every clicking on every element on …

Blog 11

What is Website Cookie? How Safe Is It?

Looking at the title, some may be confused that “Are we going to talk about the dessert called “Cookies”? The answer is no. Every interesting thing we will talk about is directly all-around “Website” things which are suitable for those who plan to have their website or questions about the safety of personal information. Have you ever wondered why sometimes a website is likely to remember your password and ID? or when you get into the online shop, select keeping your orders in the basket and come out the website without payment but later coming back to the online shop again, we found that the selected orders are still unchanged? What does that mean? Have you ever been curious about that? This is what we called a Cookie. There are many kinds of Cookie which can be categorized as follows: In the first process, a Cookie will remember your password when you save the password on a website. That means you don’t need to insert the password again when you revisit the website. A Cookie can remember a website you have visited and you can see you using websites from the menu “History” from that browsers. A Cookie can keep the information about your order in the basket on E-commerce websites. A Cookie shows advertisements based on your web surfing behavior. A Cookie can check the user accessing information Starting from the past year, we often heard the news about personal data protection, as known as PDPA in Thailand, and GDPR in foreign countries. Unfortunately, in Thailand, PDPA still showed no sign of when it will become effective. Many entrepreneurs or website providers usually inform their users that they will collect some information for user experience improvement. You can choose to accept the request or not. However, on some websites, you might not be able to access it without your permission. All in all, the way website providers uses for information collection is using Cookie which can be used for improving their services and analyzing business information in the future. In this article… The Advantages of Cookies The Disadvantages of Cookies The Type of Cookies Final Thoughts The Advantages of Cookies When mentioning Cookie, most service providers have their right in getting into user information such as your user behavior. That means your information will be collected and analyzed for the system development and usability pattern of that website, which can be utilized and answer users’ expectations. The advantages of Cookie consist of: Cookies will remember when you visit a website and will show some advertisement from any platforms which that ad will relate to you only. Cookies will save your username and password when you log in. You can log in again without typing your username or password again. *In some browsers, users may find the notification about remembering username and password before. If you choose “yes”, the cookies will immediately remember you. Cookies can remember your website use behavior so when you often search any information on search …

Blog 12

Bored working from home? Come to Union SPACE

The perfect office away from home.

Blog 13

How to increase conversion rate with UX/UI design

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works” – Steve Jobs – In an age of competitive online Digital marketing to increase sales channels and sales, websites are more accessible than ever. On certain platforms, you can choose to use templates with variety of designs and combinations to suit your industry, product and services. According to survey results, 79% of website visitors are ready to leave the site if they don’t have a good first impression of the first page. Today at Yes Web Design, we’ll be sharing our knowledge of UX/UI design particularly how it can affect your website and how to optimize conversion. In this article, we will discuss…. – What is UI (Right cerebral hemisphere) of the design? – What is UX (Left cerebral hemisphere) of the design? – Indications that your website has a good UX/UI design – How UX/UI can boost performance for your website? – Summary UI (Right cerebral hemisphere) of Design UI or “User Interface” relates to the look and feel of the site. Simply put, it’s important to present your website to meet the needs of the users who visit it. A good design can impart good mood and feeling to visitors. It is designed to give users a positive sense of the brand that speaks to customers in all dimensions, a pleasant experience to all those who visit. The UI design consists of: Brand presentation: logos, colors and fonts Page layout or blueprint: strategic placement of content on each page to be appropriate and to presentable.  3.Fonts: Use the fonts to express and convey your brand’s character 4.Design/Graphic elements: design each element to have a gimmick, thereby adding new dimensions to the visitors’ experience. Interactive design of each section: include effects that allows visitors to actively engage with your content UX (Left cerebral hemisphere) of Design UX “User Experience” is designed to create a positive experience for users. It is what defines the sense of how a website works, so the UX design of the business has a huge effect on how to impress your customers. The user experience is all that governs how they will interact with your website.  “To increase the trust and satisfaction of your users, you should make sure that your website has a good UX design.” The amount of timeframe you have to generate your user interest or engagement is frankly very limited. You’ll need capitalize on these opportunities to create a positive user experience and respond to visitor’s needs.  What does UX design include? Developing up to date web content that is tailored to you target audience  Structured and organized website that is intuitive and simple to use Analyze user behaviors then adapt, adjust and deploy to the website Simulate and create wireframes to better understand the system and reduce system defects Test from the end user point of view to reduce the error of the actual use after the website is launched Indications that your website …

Blog 14

6 Techniques to Boost your PageSpeed Score – Accelerate to the first page of Google!

  Before you start reading this article, you can test your website’s performance with GTmetrix or Google page Speed.            In this age, websites are so easily accessible to businesses. Nowadays, there are many platforms that have been launched for you to create your own websites. But what happens after your website has already launched? Have you ever checked the speed of your website or know how your website is performing?   No matter how good your content is, if your PageSpeed score is low, it can prevent your website from appearing on the first page of the search engine. Today, we’re sharing with you some techniques you can use to help you get your site on that first page!   “According to Crazyegg’s survey for e-commerce websites, 47% of customers expect the site to be loaded in 2 seconds or less; with 52% of customers who will return to fast-loading sites, and 79% who will not return to slow-loading sites“   In this article, we’re going to cover the following 1)        Why do websites need to pay attention to PageSpeed? 2)        Which tools are best used to check website speed performance? 3)        What does page speed have to do with SEO? 4)        6  Techniques to boost the PageSpeed score       1). Why do websites need to pay attention to PageSpeed? 🤔 Don’t forget that the main purpose of having a website is to provide an online channel for people to reach and interact more easily and conveniently, we call this “Traffic.” This is another important factor that Google’s algorithms use to analyze and rank the pages on Google search results.   A common example would be you clicking into a website to find parts of the website taking longer to load and images sometimes appear messed up. Even if your internet is fast and connection is pristine, the image still appears like an error. We can relate to this frustration as we believe you’ve experienced a lot of slow-loading websites, so it’s important to focus on PageSpeed because “bad PageSpeed = bad Ranking.”   2). Which tools are best used to check website speed performance? 🤫 At present, there are many providers or platforms that offer tools to measure performance, but we would recommend using: these two: Google PageSpeed and GTmetrix, both of which are free of charge, but both are not without limitations. Google PageSpeed is a tool that evaluates your website’s performance, a tool created by Google free usage. You can put a link to the site that you want to evaluate performance into the field and just press Analyze. Google PageSpeed’s limitation is that it’s not able to measure server performance in that area, and you can’t create an account to track your website at all times. Next up is GTmetrix, another free website performance tool. The advantage of this tool is that if you get Pro option, …

Blog 15

Revealing 5 Reasons How a ChatBot Ruin your business I Disrupts your sales I Drives away your customers

“Sorry but we do understand this question” “Please contact us again during our operating hours” “Oops, I’m not sure what that means, would you mind giving me more information or try a different query?” It’s not uncommon to see customers left dissatisfied after try to get their questions answered by chatbots on the site. This is perhaps why ChatBot is often left alone to their own device in the corner of the page. WHY is it then that the ChatBot’s system not robust enough? Why can’t it provide information that customers need?  How then do I set up a ChatBot that can provide information satisfactorily?  This article will lay all on bare why ChatBot can hurt sales, and why businesses lose customers to the point where they have to throw in the towel. What is a ChatBot? ChatBot is a type of AI that can learn and respond to conversations instantly as if you were having a normal conversation. For example, when a customer types a word, a chatbot gives a response, or a set of questions for customers to choose from. The reason for ChatBot is to substitute for a customer service person who cannot be in front of the computer 24/7/. Creating chatbots is like a concierge who will help build relationships with customers. A poorly designed chatbot structure that don’t respond to customer behavior can be detrimental to your business as stated in the title above. “The challenge of creating Chatbots is to design UX to meet the needs of customers who communicate via ChatBot” Reason 1: Your ChatBot has an undefined objective One of the rookie mistakes is the lack of draft scripts before creating a chatbot. This causes chat interactions to slip, or customers not understanding what the purpose of the bot is. Know what you are using the ChatBot for. For example, if you’re an agency you may want to use the bot for customers to provide contact details so that you can provide more information to them prior to closing the sale. Another example would be if you’re an accommodation or hotel providers who require guests to book their accommodation on the desired date and time.  Chatbot scripts for both companies are going to be completely different. And if we don’t identify the real purpose for the ChatBots to work effective, it can be a such shame to lose valuable leads or bookings. Reason 2: Unclear response and misaligned messaging  A good chatbot should have a short and easy-to-understand response. There should be no ambiguity or open-ended questions that may cause customers to repeat their enquiries. Case Study: A brand has created a Chatbot to respond to customers, you can see in the image below that the customer has chosen “Is anyone is available to chat?” From a customer’s point of view, that is probably a weak response. People do not have all day and almost always expects an immediate answer or if you are unable to provide an immediate answer, other contact …

WIX vs WordPress

WIX vs WordPress : Which is right for you?

Looking for a website-building tool? WIX and WordPress are platforms that allow you to create websites without prior programming knowledge. They’re for business owners who want to create their own website but don’t want to spend money to hire a website agency. WIX and WordPress boasts easy-to-use management system, and both are beginner friendly. As these two platforms are so similar, we’re here to help you decide which is a better suit for you. In this article, we’ll discuss… What WIX is What WordPress is Number of WIX and WordPress users Pricing for each platform Support for eCommerce functionality Summary What is WIX? WIX is an online platform that provides website creation services. You can design a website without any coding knowledge. They provide users with more than 500 websites from Template, giving you the freedom to fully manage your site’s components. More importantly, WIX-based websites are a mobile-friendly website that lets you set a domain name that matches your business or brand name according to your needs. Whether you’re a restaurant owner or real estate owner, you can use WIX to increase your brand presence online. What is WordPress? WordPress a major website builder that was established in 2003 and now into their 17th  year, with millions of users worldwide. You can create websites using WordPress for free, and you can also create a variety of websites on demand, such as blogs, business websites, online sales websites, and plenty more. Whether you have prior web design experience, you can easily learn build your own websites in Bangkok. WordPress is second to none when it comes to versatility. With content management called Visual Editor and more than 57,000 plug-ins, website optimisation are truly enabled by this powerful platform. Number of Users of WIX and WordPress WordPress’s number of users is still greater than WIX with 455 million active users now (according to data from Netcraft) and since the latter was launched in 2006 WIX’s user currently sits at 190 million websites (data from WiX). Pricing Let’s get this straight, BOTH platforms cost money. This may be one of the reasons why you can decide what’s worth it. You’ll inevitably see that if you chose to create a website via an online platform, there’s cost that owning a website entails, such as the domain rent, hosting fees, media storage fees, and more like WIX, the monthly cost for a business website is roughly 140 Baht/month*, but such price comes with several limitations that make you want to upgrade to another price. As for WordPress, the price usually includes domain, SSL hosting, plug-in fees, and more depending on the package. Read more to find out about the Packages. Usually when people see the price, they’ve already made up their minds. However, we want you to see further than which one is cheaper. You should instead ask, “Which one is right for me?” We want you to look at your actual use of whether this price is right for your business. If you are …