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Blog 4

3 Image Editing Applications You Should Have on Your Smartphone

If you are too lazy to turn on the computer to edit photo, we have three cool image editing applications for you to choose from. Nowadays, photo editing is not difficult anymore, anyone can use them. Let’s go see if you are familiar with these image editing application? 3 Image Editing Applications Canva Canva is an application for creating a variety of presentation materials that are available on both mobile application and website. Canva allow you to make your design project as easy as a piece of cake. Snapseed Snapseed is an image editing application that has very detailed image adjustment functions. If anyone wants to modify the finished image, they can choose to use filters. Or if anyone wants to tweak it a little, this is the application for you. PicsArt Photo PicsArt Photo, a image editing application and collage maker for mobile phones. PicsArt Photo have tools, effects, collage maker, camera, a free clip art library and drawing tools. PicsArt wants you to create beautiful images and have fun with free photo remixes to create impressive collages. Check out the article on Advantages for Graphic Design for Websites in case it will be useful for you. Image from Follow us for more articles at Yes Web Design Studio

Blog 5

5 Secret Tricks for Website Graphic Design

5 Ways to Keep in Mind When You’re Graphic Designing These simple rules will help novice graphic designers create exceptional graphics in no time for web design and other tasks. Let’s take a look at each rule thoroughly. Rule 1: Using image contrast to help make your work stand out Using contrast photos will help your design stand out. There are many comparisons, such as the contrast of light, color, size, shape, etc. Each comparison is an important factor in conveying the meaning of the image or design. It is also an indicator of image quality or design. Rule 2: Choosing a superior set of letters In graphic design, we don’t always need to use a single font because it will make the design look smooth without causing any conflict. The conflict means contradiction that creates harmony in the work. However, when choosing fonts for sub-headings or text, it should be easy to read but the title should be stand out. This will make your designs look superior. Rule 3: Planning the use of color It’s similar to choosing a font set. Can you imagine if the graphic design has chosen colors that do not match or go in the same direction? It must be so weird, right? I want to say that the color scheme is as important as the other aspects. So, you should choose a color scheme to match the brand or indicate who we are as much as possible. Rule 4: Arranging your photos professionally Image placement is an important aspect that you should pay attention to. The difference can be seen between an organized image placement and a random image placement since placing an image in a frame or grid will make your graphic design look more professional. Rule 5: Making It Easy The last thing is that you may have multiple design elements, such as font selection. Simply choosing a shape and color will simplify the design. This can improve your design and make it more sophisticated Web design agency in Bangkok at here Yes Web Design Studio ออกแบบกราฟิก

Blog 6

8 Ways to Design Luxurious Websites

All novice designers want to know what luxurious website design is. Many people have tried to design websites by themselves but are still not satisfied with the result. What is the result? Or maybe the website that we have created is not satisfying the users! In this article, we tell you 8 ways to help design a website that can improve the website interface make it better and more effective for users. So let’s just go and see what the 8 methods are. 1. Simple is the Best Most designs tend to be less interesting. They are too many elements on the web page which may cause website visitors misunderstanding the main purpose of the website. Efficient website design may be the first purpose for the design approach. The clean design of the website does not just make it look attractive but also allows users to easily go to other pages as well. 2. Consistency Consistency is an important factor in making a website. If the design elements on each page have fixed fonts, sizes, images, media, or there is the data changes but the layout remains in place, it will help users easily understand the fonts, sizes, headings, subheaders, and button styles, including the layout of your website. 3. Easy to Read and Understand Correctly No matter how good your design is, the text is an important part of the website. Whether users will understand or not, will depend on your writing and interpretation which depends on your spelling, sentence format, and use of modern, easy-to-read fonts. That will make our articles easier to read and understand. Therefore, these have become an important part of SEO as well. 4. Works Well with Mobile Phones The design that will be able to meet users’ expectations is the ability to use it on smartphones and tablets. The web design must be effective in different types of screens. If your website design doesn’t support all screen sizes, your websites will surely be lost to your competitors. 5. Image and Color Must Go Together Choosing the perfect color scheme will attract users. On the other hand, if the colors don’t go well with each other, they can make the overall look bad because it can distract and confuse the users. You see the importance of choosing a color, right? You must choose the matching color scheme for your website which can create a pleasant experience for the user’s eyes and have a positive effect on website visitors. 6. Fast Loading Nobody likes a website that takes too long to load, right? Therefore, it’s a good idea to add a code scaling to your CSS or JavaScript file, since it reduces HTTP requests. Plus, we should compress HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to speed up your website loading. 7. Easily Link to Different Pages If your website has effective navigation or links to different pages, it will make it easier for visitors to use the website. You might consider creating a structure of how each …

Blog 7

How to Attract Audience with Article Writing

Let’s try to imagine if the article writer can lead your readers to sales that can build a new customer by just writing the article or convince readers to choose to do a business or shop on your website. How will it grow your website and business? Let’s check it out!   Have you ever wondered why does a website has a different design on each page? This may be a question for those looking for answers. Website design on each page has different purposes. We don’t need to change every page since the goals of each page we want to present are as following examples: Present to staff and bosses Define your brand Explain the culture and system of the company Attract visitors to the website Educate detailly about the related knowledge Others For the most part, the pages that mention your target don’t change your audiences but these pages encourage them to change. In the same way, each of the pages is unrelated and it doesn’t have to be related. In each article, you will insert a link according to various keywords. And of course, inserting the right number of links is good for your search rankings in google. However, you might need to be a little creative about embedding links for each article page by including relevant information and internal links. In this article, we’ll take you to the process of finding related topics, creating linked pages, and optimization within links, including promoting the page. Let’s get started!   Creating Brand Awareness First of all, it is the most important step to see if the content on the website is relevant to the topic and find a point that can attract readers. This step is should be emphasized and take the time to devote to promoting for ensuring that what we do can reflect on our plans. The first step is to see which of our competitors are at the top and what they do related to topics To observe our competitors, there are several pieces of information you need to collect, such as information about your competitors, how to get links If a competitor has more than 100 links and the topic is not clearly stated on the website. That is a topic that should be covered since we can know that it is a topic that can be linked. Then, we summarized it in terms of what topics and store the information of these links as well. The key is to keep an eye on the topic or audience as the popular topic. Then brainstorm ways to naturally adapt that topic to your product or service. Credibility is an important part of main topic links, and you want to cover topics that you can consider experts.   Production and Promotion Once you have got the ideas for the articles, the next step is to create the website. Explore your competitors’ websites to research how they design their websites and what they are putting on the …

Blog 8

4 SEO Techniques You Can Do for Free

Nowadays, as we all know, doing SEO technique is something that requires a lot of time and money to compete for your business’s website to the top on search engines. Big fish can’t eat small fish anymore. Because in this era, only the fastest fish will survive. For that reason, it is why many businesses speed themselves up to overtake their competitors and at the same time, the money invested must be worth it. If you are one of the businesses that want to do SEO and dream that your website appears at the top of the search engine results in Google, today, Yes Web Design Studio will share 4 SEO techniques that can help you save money and allow you to do it yourself. Technique 1: Improve the Title Tags to match the user’s search query as much as possible What are Title Tags? Title Tags are the text displayed on the top of the browser. It is used as a title for that page. Google will look at from the Title Tag what topic of this page and what it is involved. This text won’t show on your website, but only on the Google search results page, depending on the word or text that the user is searching for. Therefore, keyword selection is a key point for SEO because if you are not analyzing your keyword selection before using on the Title Tag, or the used words don’t make any sense, this SEO technique could be one that will make your website rank rise on the top of the search results page. Technique 2: Analyze your keywords well before applying them to your website Of course, in the past, there weren’t many tools we can use for analyzing keyword usage statistics online but now technology has developed very fast. This allows us to find analyzing keyword tools very easily, such as Google Keyword Planner. There are 3 things you will need to analyze: What keywords or phrases do people search for? Determine the main keywords that you will use The needs of the target audience By analyzing these three, you can see how effective the keywords you use in Google rankings are. Technique 3: Keep an eye on your competitor’s content The wrong keyword is one of the factors that prevent your website from ranking at all. It might be because the keywords you use are keywords that you may have to compete with big competitors. So what you should do is … Where are the competitors ranked in Google Search? What content on websites do your competitors have but you don’t? How do your competitors define their keywords on their website? How do your competitors engage with their customers? Technique 4: Be diligent in creating content on your website continuously Don’t let your website go silent because the content of your website is important. You will have to create content constantly to make it suitable for the website and visitors. Perhaps, there is no need to start …

Blog 9

How to Set Up Google Analytics to Get Insights from Your Website

When it comes to tools for viewing website insights, Google Analytics is an inevitable tool that allows you to view information on a website when visited, such as the number of website visitors. Various channels connected to the website new visitor old visitor Website traffic bounce rate and much other information  As you see an example of the oriented data given above, do not panic, in this article, we will teach you how to install Google Analytics with a step-by-step version that you can do yourself. Then, you can slowly study and learn how to use it. In this article: Prerequisites to start installing Google Analytics How Google Analytics works Analytics Tag workflow Start your Google Analytics account How to install Google Analytics Explore menus and information on Google Analytics Prerequisites to Start Installing Google Analytics First of all, to begin the installation process, let’s check what preparations can be made to implement Google Analytics? Website – You must have your website. That means you can’t view statistics or insights from other websites. Once you have your website and install it, you also need access to the website’s backend system. Google Analytics Account – You’ll need a Google Analytics account, so you’ll need to start signing up if you don’t already have one. The Analytics Tag – We need this for implementation includes a Google Analytics tag or snippet code, that is used to capture various data values, collect them, and send them to Google Analytics for display purposes. Don’t worry and let’s study together in this article. How Google Analytics works For looking at how Google Analytics works, we need to understand how its structure works. The structure of Google analytics is divided into 3 levels: 1. Account 2. Property 3. View. Each level will have different functions and methods of use. Account For an Account or User Account, you must have a user account first. At this level, Google Analytics allows you to create multiple accounts and in one account, you can have many websites. In this account section, the system allows you to set up an account, for example, general settings Naming or editing a username, user’s country, adding users who have access to an account, and filtering settings Property In this level, Property is a level that allows you to manage the website without having to specify the website that you want to add. The specialty about this is that when you create a Property, you’ll be prompted to choose a form of data measurement or data reading. You can choose from 3 types: Type 1 Website, Type 2 Apps, Type 3 Apps, and Web. The system will provide details of the type you choose and set up data retrieval or even connect to other add-ons that help in enhancing the functionality of Google Analytics even more. View At this level, you can manage the view style of your website’s Google Analytics for the system to calculate and display the results, according to our settings. This …


CRM and How It Benefits Your Business

What is CRM? How can we take advantage of CRM? What is CRM? how is it useful? and does your business need a CRM system? Find out in this article Yes! web design studio summarized the good examples of CRM Software that will help your business grow in an organized way with a certain direction and results which are guaranteed by analyzing real data. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is important for businesses of all sizes and types because that the business will continue to do well or not is depending on how that business has a relationship with customers, supervise and keep track of trades customer satisfaction. For this reason, it is necessary that we learn more about CRM and how to use it. What is CRM? Benefits of CRM Type of CRM Examples of CRM Software we recommend summarize What is CRM? CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. Managing customer relationships aims to serve customers and maximize customer satisfaction. making customers become regular customers that trust and always choose your brand. This makes customers loyal to your brand and keep coming back to buy again, making sure that they will not change their minds to buy products or services from your competitors.   Flat vector created by freepik – For a good quality CRM, a CRM system has been developed to help the organization’s team to be able to work more effectively in communicating and building good relationships or even better-planning marketing and sales for more results and profits. And, this technology that we mentioned has become CRM. So what does this CRM Software do? CRM Software is responsible for collecting, managing data. With this software, you can track and monitor your trades and customer satisfaction levels including maintaining relationships with customers and the target audience of your products or services as well. All of this is to increase sales in the long run. and increase repeat purchases of existing customers CRM Software will help manage various information in an orderly manner. So, you can see the overview of the data, information about your customers, conversations, and trades. The CRM also provides insights into your customers and prospects. You can make better business decisions based on numerical data. Benefits of CRM There are several benefits of CRM. Today I have summarized 5 main benefits for everyone to help everyone decide whether they want to adopt a CRM system or not and whether your business needs a CRM system or not. 1. Increase profits from planning good strategies to reach new customers and maintain old customers. A CRM system helps you plan and sell strategies that are tailored to your interests and buying behavior of customers and target groups. Make old customers come back to use the service again and attract new customers more efficiently. Consequently, this results in significantly better profits and sales, and the results which can be measured. 2. See the business overview from the systematic data management CRM allows you to monitor the situation of …

Blog 10

Modular Website Design and Why You Need to Stop Using Web Template

When talking about Web templates, it’s probably an option that saves you from wasting time waiting for a custom website. This may be one of the good points. Today, for who is planning to make a website or change a new website design, you must read this article. Because as you know, Web templates have various templates for you to choose from. There are many website building providers out there, including WordPress, Wix, Shopify, and others. Everyone has different web page template designs to download but remember when you choose to use those templates. Of course, there is a chance that the layout or page design of your website will be duplicated by other businesses as well. Since most of those templates are free and the layouts cannot be modified, if you want a unique website, choosing a web template might not be your choice anymore. Topics covered in this article include: Get to know Modular Design Modular Design Vs. Web Templates An example of a website with a modular design style. Summary If you are ready, let’s get started. Get to know Modular Design The concept of Modular Design is designed by Frank Ariss, who invented the design of the famous newspaper content layout and was used in many countries in 1970 in Brazil. If you are familiar with WordPress, then you need templates. WordPress has a wide variety of templates to choose from. Templates have fixed working patterns or styles and cannot modify the module. Modular Design is not a design from a template because Modular Design is different from a template. It is a design another technique allowing you to create block designs. By designing along the grid lines, each design will fit into a square. If we change the design style from a simple template to a module. It will look like a puzzle that has been put together and looks perfectly arranged. Modular Design Vs. Web Template If you have to compare Modular Design and Template, it can be said that both have their advantages and disadvantages. But, what I want you to look at is your needs. What does it mean? It means if you need a website in a short time, templates are an option for you. However, if you want a website that is different from others, then Modular Design is more suitable for you. Therefore, in this point, we would like to compare the strengths and weaknesses of the two designs. So you can decide which one is better. Modular Design Strengths Flexible to use – In the Modular Design, modifying design is very easy. You can manage different modules, adjust, move, and change as you please. This is not the same as a template which you can’t modify the module at all. It would be the same as it comes. You can only change the content. For the adjustment of the various modules, you definitely can’t. Save time and cost – Because, Modular Design, will reduce the design timeline and …

Blog 11

Ultimate Guide for Marketing on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a platform that was launched in 2003 for people who want to create a job profile or to create a profile for an organization or business. You will be able to add personal information such as work history, article writing and it is also another channel that helps companies to advertise jobs for their own companies. This platform also has a feature that allows you to communicate in text with anyone between users. For many businesses, LinkedIn is a powerful tool for sharing useful articles or tests. In addition, it can also determine marketing target groups more accurately. In many organizations, it can be applied in a variety of groups to expand the network even more. Moreover, another important feature is that professionals or business owners can create job titles so users know what jobs your company is looking for. This article will provide you with the guidelines you need to know. If you’re planning on marketing effectively on LinkedIn, we’ll walk you through these steps from installation to customization on LinkedIn together.   Setting Your Business LinkedIn Profile Establishing your LinkedIn company page is easy. You’ll use it to build brand awareness and promote your products and services to customers and prospects. The first is to click on the Work drop-down menu. It’s in the upper-right corner of the homepage of the website. Then click on Create a Company Page+. Upload a logo and cover image for your page. Update company information that is interesting and useful to your target audience or customers. Arrange your content to match your target audience. Promote your LinkedIn page to attract followers. Create a unique page to reach a specific audience. such as sending messages to different target audiences Updating your LinkedIn business profile is very important. You’ll be able to attract more followers in a relevant business. If you create one and leave the profile empty then it means nothing. Because you will need to keep your profile engaged with your followers at all times. In this section, we’re going to tell you how to get your profile to help keep your followers and grow your followers, which includes: Refreshing your LinkedIn profile branding means you’ll need to make your profile picture or cover photo attractive. This section will communicate the image of your organization and help create attractiveness for your organization. Checking the integrity of the links on your page if the links you have included are working. Clicking on it and it will lead your followers to the goals you set or not, such as YouTube video links, website video links, and other social media links. You need to constantly check out your LinkedIn activity and other company activity in your industry to increase your visibility and perspective. Check your page to make sure all the new images and updates you’ve made are correct. The reason you need to check and update your LinkedIn frequently is that LinkedIn, like any other social media platform, changes and updates frequently. …

Blog 12

Easy Lead Gaining Techniques on Facebook

Of course, the goal of every business is to have more customers but before they can become our customers, they must first become the lead. In this article, we’re going to talk about how to use Facebook ads to generate more leads for your business. Before getting into the main point of the article, if you don’t have a Facebook Ads account, you’ll need to create a Facebook Business Manager account first to complete the steps in this article. “Before those people can become customers, They must expect to be our Lead first.” What is lead? We have to understand clearly what the lead means first. Leads are people or businesses who “can” become our customers. For example, when they enter their name, email, or contact number for your business in person or by participating in some other way. Simply, if you have their contact information, they are your Lead. How to Keep Lead on Facebook  Now that you understand what Lead is, let’s look at how to increase your leads using Facebook Ads. Facebook is a platform with 1.7 billion users. We believe that everyone knows the platform but keep in your mind these 1.7 billion people aren’t all your customers! With this factor, it comes the first step of generating leads who are likely to be customers via Facebook ads. 1. Categorizing Your Target Audiences Although Facebook has a large number of users in the world of online marketing, there are many marketers like yourself waiting to compete with you to get their ads to their target audience. For this reason, you must describe or analyze your target audience or the identity of the buyer in detail. In categorizing audiences, we include demographic data and other types of data. In the next step, we’ll walk through how to select the customer attributes from the buyer personality to create an audience in Facebook Ads Manager. 2. Creating Custom Target Audiences In the first step, we have already learned how to research and analyze the characteristics of the target audience. Now, we’ll need you to create a new audience by creating a custom audience. All you have to do is find your audience’s interests and characteristics within the Facebook Insights tool and add them to the new audiences you create. When you’re done, you must ensure that you save and give your new audience a name. 3. Building New Lead Campaign You create a campaign under an objective named Consideration and then you select the “Lead generation” objective. Then, in the ad setting section, select your custom audience or the one you created earlier. Make sure that you set your budget, ad duration, and placement. Just like you would do with any other Facebook ad, modify your audience placement to best suit your audience. If you don’t know which placement is best for your audience, keep the settings in the automatic position. Otherwise, if you have a limited budget and still don’t know the best location for your target audience, …

Blog 13

7 Ways to Spy on Your Competitors on Facebook

Have you ever wondered why your competitors’ content is good? What is the secret? Competitor research is a mainstay of good Digital Marketing. Which ways will help you spy on your competitors on Facebook? Today we’re going to reveal 7 ways to help you keep track of the strategy and compete with your competitors. As we all know, Facebook is currently the most popular platform that Thai people choose to do online advertising to reach the target audiences and generate conversions for many businesses. It is said that every year Facebook will adjust its algorithm for improving its functionality and efficiency. Facebook has a variety of hidden tools that very few people know about. And today we are going to share those tools for you to further develop your Facebook strategy, but let me tell you that what we share is not illegal at all. So don’t worry. With the use of digital marketing on Facebook, we can learn about the strategies that our competitors used in promotion or advertisement, including easily competing for a market section via these tools. 1. Using Facebook Graph API for Learning Your Competitor Behaviors A few years ago, we’ve probably heard the news about Facebook being able to access our interests, location, or even our behavior. All of these data collectors are called Graph APIs. If you’re a developer, you’ll know that this tool is effective for linking your website to Facebook. Even if you’re not a developer, you can use this strategy to learn about the background of your competitors as well. However, when there are blind spots in Facebook’s protection of user data, hackers use these opportunities to steal users’ information. As the result, this makes Facebook’s system more stable and secure. But the Graph API is a tool providing you with enough information about your competitors. You can use it to analyze your competitor’s strategy. For example, if you want to see some information, you can just select the type of information you want to know and fill the information in the slot. 2. Learning How Your Competitors Send Message In case you don’t know, Facebook Messenger for Business is a game-changer in business competition. It might be worth taking a closer look at this part of its competitors because that’s one of the key signs, showing that Facebook continually gives all its values to ​​the Messenger application. One of the best parts of Facebook Messenger is that you can quickly and easily see what your competitors have planned. So, all you have to do is go to your competitor’s Facebook page. First, you can see their average response time. This indicates how much their strategy depends on Messenger and can provide you with benchmarks for improving your Facebook page engagement. Finally, if your competitors are using Messenger bots or auto-responders. You can interact with it directly from their page. It’s an easy way to see what your competitors use to attract interest from visitors and customers. This is an easy way …

Blog 14

How To Easily Create UTM in Google Analytics

When creating a website, we may encounter problems when we look at Google analytics and we do not know where or which media the traffic is coming from. We can do this by using UTM that helps us to precisely measure the campaign performance advertised through various media, such as Social Media that we have advertised through Facebook posts, etc. What is UTM? Here for the information >>>>>> Why UTM is Important for Website Design? After you know what UTM is, It is time to know how to use it Click on this link Scroll down until you meet the URL builder form then fill the form Source is where they come from or websites and other media such as Social media: Facebook or Website/Web boards​: Mthai, snook Medium is how we advertise like the post, banner, etc. Campaign is the name of our marketing campaign After that, you will receive a new URL that already contains UTM. You can use URL for sharing in any media and whenever people click on the link, the data will be sent to Google Analytics that the website visitors come from Source, Medium, and Campaign we define Precautions for doing UTM Avoid using lowercase and uppercase letters (try to use the same all the time) because the use of fonts of different sizes may result in making data collection break into 2 parts, although it is the same story. We key different values that make the data collector automatically extract the topic. Avoid using the spacebar in UTM values ​​and use the ampersand (-) instead. It can be seen that creating a UTM is easy. It is a tool that will allow you to collect the information of visitors to the website more accurately. and makes it easier for you to classify data Article by – Yes Web Design Studio The web design agency in Bangkok is only here Yes Web Design Studio