Top 10 Website Design Trends for 2019

Top 10 Website Design Trends for 2019 1

The year 2019 is almost at its half-way. Not only the newly-emerged website styles appear this year, many website trends also adopt from existing styles and patterns. Website design trends have turned into a creativity parade in the past few years — ignore traditional stock photos, focus on bold color schemes and use asymmetrical layouts. It later turned into a smarter design due to technological advancements. The trend of this year is a combination of these two contrasting sides, aesthetics and technology.


By having an online website, it allows you to market your business. You need an outstanding and trendy website to create the most efficient online platform for your business. Trendy styles and designs can attract more attention and it can help your website to be more eye-catching. Keep that in mind, web design is one of the most important features for your business.


Have you heard the rule that serifs are for print and sans serifs are for screen? Sans is favored by many online websites with its clean readability. Nevertheless, serifs were designed to be more creative, decorative, and perfect for emphasis. So, it is not a surprise that more brands are leaning towards bold serifs in their designs such as headers and callouts.

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Color plays an important part in a website designing process. Color generates certain feelings and moods for visitors. Also, different colors attract different groups of people. (Want to know how to pick the right shade for you website? Click here) As one of the visual tools, colors guide visitors and distribute some values to the brand. For this year, bold black-and-white makes its way up to the top trending color for website.

With the combination of two contrasting colors, it creates a more impactful and striking effects for your website. White gives a sense of cleanliness and light whereas black represents boldness and strength. Adding these two minimal colours together can give a more visually interesting effect to your website.


Contrasting to typical systematic grids for web pages, the style of this year focuses more on natural shapes and smooth lines. It concerns more about the emphasis of accessibility and comfort. So, this style neglects the perfect geometric structures such as triangles, squares, and rectangles which gives a sense of stability. Organic shapes are naturally asymmetrical and imperfect, so they provide depth to a web design which makes page elements more remarkable through the illusion of movement.


Glitch art is back! In 2019, graphic design trends are all about experimentation and imagination. Glitch art is the use of digital or analog errors for aesthetic purposes. It creates a distorted image and a feeling of disorientation with a sense of movement to a website. It can be perfectly used to heighten tension.


Micro-interactions are events that intentionally create a moment of engaging and surprise the user. Micro-interaction is when you take a small action on a website or application and there is a specific response to it. To keep it simple, when you check Facebook and there is the red icon displaying your message count, this is a micro-interaction.

In this year, web pages will be heavily influenced by interaction such as chimes, flying and scrolling animations. Micro-interaction effect can give a more professional look to your website, connect the audience to your website, and precisely convey the information to users about their actions and usage.


In 2019, Chatbots are climbing up on its way to the spotlight. Chatbot is an artificial intelligence computer program that conducts a conversation. Due to the technological advancements in AI and machine learning, having a chatbot on your website will give a more intelligent and efficient look.

An increasing number of Chatbots with higher levels of customization on web pages are far higher than in the past. With the use of bright colors, it will make them more prominent and more inviting. Chatbots can also be used as the representative of brands as it can create a remarkable connection between your website and visitors.


Would you want your visitors to read an information that seems to come out of the textbook? If not, making a video is the solution. Video can provide a greater information than simple full-page texts. A plus point of video is the quality of an on-the-go content for audiences who don’t have much time to scan through a lot of text. It can also diversify your website to be more interesting.

The most common example can be seen in the popular search engine, Google. Google has turned itself into a mixed search page results, featuring video content above standard web pages. The prioritization of video production is definitely increasing, so they can give an easily searchable effect and offer efficient contents.


Minimalism can be considered as the everlasting artistic genre. It is often the go-to aesthetic of choice that represents classic and timeless qualities. It is not a surprise to see many web designs choose minimalism as their theme. As it has fewer elements and content on a website, your audience will have less to think. However, you need to be careful with this simple and yet exquisite style. If a website is designed in the right way, it will simply guide users to their needs.

Minimalism will continue its role as a dominant style in the digital landscape in 2019. The freedom to space out the content can be achieved by animations and fade-in effects that make scrolling more engaging. It also creates more whitespace, contrast and clear typography with fewer distracting elements.


Mobile browsing continuously overtakes desktop. It is a must for every business to convert their platforms into a more thumb-friendly design. Josh Clark, author of Designing for Touch, investigates how users hold their mobile phones and how their movements, especially the thumb, should be considered in the web design process. Users can discover more of the use that perfectly fits to the thumb nowadays, such as the menu moved to the bottom of mobile screens.


As a tool to connect billions of people from different cultures, ages, and gender identities, internet should be diverse. In 2019, web designs need to focus more on inclusiveness. This can be achieved from improved accessibility standards to socially conscious and diverse imagery. The most interesting example is when Apple launched various skin tones for emojis. This method is one of many ways to provide a more welcoming feeling in a brand’s digital space.

The unique and outstanding website can attract many visitors’ attention. Nevertheless, it is possible to be extraordinary and trendy at the same time. To create an amazing website that will capture your customers’ hearts, brands identities should be ranked first in the priority list. Then, it will guide you to the right style for your platform. By having trendy styles and designs, your website can attract more attention and be more efficient. Trendy website is absolutely a necessity to expand your business growth.

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