Why UTM is Important for Website Building?

Why UTM is Important for Website Building? 1

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Have You Ever Known…

Where is the traffic that comes to our website come from? The only we can do is to create UTM but What is UTM? Let’s find out.

What is UTM?

UTM or Urchin Tracking Module is a parameter that is placed at the end of the URL which is the URL of the Landing Page. It can be used for analyzing customer behavior that where they come from, how they come, and why they come.

UTM consists of…

  1. Website URL or link of the website we want to analyze
  2. UTM_Source is the source identification that where they come from such as Social media or Google.
  3. UTM_Medium is the part after the source or advertising media that the person clicked the link from. For example, the source is Facebook and medium post. It can tell us that the person who clicked on this link is from the post on Facebook.
  4. UTM_Campaign or slogan we use for advertisement or sales promotion
  5. UTM_Term is identifying paid search keywords. If you’ve tagged your campaign for a purchased keyword, you should use UTM_Term to identify that keyword too.
  6. UTM_Content is used to separate the content of similar articles from the same source and medium.

The Benefits of UTM

UTM allows us to see the website’s performance and how many people visit it. How long do visitors stay on the website? And which source do they know about our website? Once you know the data and analyze it, you will be able to create a marketing strategy more effectively.

  • Obtain accurate and clear information
  • Know how effective the invested media is.
  • Know the results of the campaign

In a nutshell, UTM is a technique where we put a variable at the end of our page URL and when this new link URL is placed in any media and the various used sources. It will allow us to know where our website gets traffic from. It consists of three things: 1) source, 2) medium, and 3) campaigns.

The UTM is a basic tool that anyone can use. So that, we can continue to develop the website better.

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