Revealing 5 Reasons How a ChatBot Ruin your business I Disrupts your sales I Drives away your customers

“Sorry but we do understand this question”

“Please contact us again during our operating hours”

“Oops, I’m not sure what that means, would you mind giving me more information or try a different query?”

It’s not uncommon to see customers left dissatisfied after try to get their questions answered by chatbots on the site. This is perhaps why ChatBot is often left alone to their own device in the corner of the page. WHY is it then that the ChatBot’s system not robust enough? Why can’t it provide information that customers need? 

How then do I set up a ChatBot that can provide information satisfactorily? 

This article will lay all on bare why ChatBot can hurt sales, and why businesses lose customers to the point where they have to throw in the towel.

What is a ChatBot?

ChatBot is a type of AI that can learn and respond to conversations instantly as if you were having a normal conversation. For example, when a customer types a word, a chatbot gives a response, or a set of questions for customers to choose from. The reason for ChatBot is to substitute for a customer service person who cannot be in front of the computer 24/7/. Creating chatbots is like a concierge who will help build relationships with customers. A poorly designed chatbot structure that don’t respond to customer behavior can be detrimental to your business as stated in the title above.

“The challenge of creating Chatbots is to design UX to meet the needs of customers who communicate via ChatBot”

Reason 1: Your ChatBot has an undefined objective

One of the rookie mistakes is the lack of draft scripts before creating a chatbot. This causes chat interactions to slip, or customers not understanding what the purpose of the bot is. Know what you are using the ChatBot for.

For example, if you’re an agency you may want to use the bot for customers to provide contact details so that you can provide more information to them prior to closing the sale. Another example would be if you’re an accommodation or hotel providers who require guests to book their accommodation on the desired date and time.  Chatbot scripts for both companies are going to be completely different. And if we don’t identify the real purpose for the ChatBots to work effective, it can be a such shame to lose valuable leads or bookings.

Reason 2: Unclear response and misaligned messaging 

A good chatbot should have a short and easy-to-understand response. There should be no ambiguity or open-ended questions that may cause customers to repeat their enquiries.

Case Study: A brand has created a Chatbot to respond to customers, you can see in the image below that the customer has chosen “Is anyone is available to chat?”

From a customer’s point of view, that is probably a weak response. People do not have all day and almost always expects an immediate answer or if you are unable to provide an immediate answer, other contact information should be promptly given in the response. In this example, such mistake can cause a customer to change their mind to exit your site and visit your competitor’s instead.


Reason 3: Lack of Proper Interaction

Computer-like interaction causes reluctance to respond, even less willing to enter their personal details for online transaction. Therefore, a good ChatBot conversation should sound like two people talking to each other.

Reason 4: Cutting off conversation or close the sale with the ChatB ot. (Conversational dead ends)

Ending conversations with ChatBot to collecting customer information to contact them back or letting customers pay upfront pay upfront from the cha can cost the  opportunity because most customers tend to close the chat page right after they’re done. This makes it impossible to create perception, impression or present other products or services you may have in store.

Reason 5: Not utilizing Action-based marketing to your advantage

Please use Lead generation to help keep basic information about customers, which can be used to adjust ChatBots to make them more efficient and versatile. For example, they can be used for order tracking, offering new products and promotions, giving advice, answering questions and more!

Final Words:

ChatBot is an asset and a good feature to have on the website because it’s a marketing tool used to build relationships with customers and can provide some useful information, but only when used right!

We recommend that you try to gather information on customer’s needs and wants across all channels and design automated responses to meet the needs of your customers. We hope these 5 reason will help you close sales more easily and grow your customer base.

“Add humanity to ChatBot to keep your customers and attract the new”

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