WIX vs WordPress : Which is right for you?

Looking for a website-building tool?

WIX and WordPress are platforms that allow you to create websites without prior programming knowledge. They’re for business owners who want to create their own website but don’t want to spend money to hire a website agency.

WIX and WordPress boasts easy-to-use management system, and both are beginner friendly. As these two platforms are so similar, we’re here to help you decide which is a better suit for you.

In this article, we’ll discuss…

  • What WIX is
  • What WordPress is
  • Number of WIX and WordPress users
  • Pricing for each platform
  • Support for eCommerce functionality
  • Summary

What is WIX?

WIX is an online platform that provides website creation services. You can design a website without any coding knowledge. They provide users with more than 500 websites from Template, giving you the freedom to fully manage your site’s components. More importantly, WIX-based websites are a mobile-friendly website that lets you set a domain name that matches your business or brand name according to your needs. Whether you’re a restaurant owner or real estate owner, you can use WIX to increase your brand presence online.

What is WordPress?

WordPress a major website builder that was established in 2003 and now into their 17th  year, with millions of users worldwide. You can create websites using WordPress for free, and you can also create a variety of websites on demand, such as blogs, business websites, online sales websites, and plenty more. Whether you have prior web design experience, you can easily learn build your own websites in Bangkok. WordPress is second to none when it comes to versatility. With content management called Visual Editor and more than 57,000 plug-ins, website optimisation are truly enabled by this powerful platform.

Number of Users of WIX and WordPress

WordPress’s number of users is still greater than WIX with 455 million active users now (according to data from Netcraft) and since the latter was launched in 2006 WIX’s user currently sits at 190 million websites (data from WiX).


Let’s get this straight, BOTH platforms cost money. This may be one of the reasons why you can decide what’s worth it. You’ll inevitably see that if you chose to create a website via an online platform, there’s cost that owning a website entails, such as the domain rent, hosting fees, media storage fees, and more like WIX, the monthly cost for a business website is roughly 140 Baht/month*, but such price comes with several limitations that make you want to upgrade to another price. As for WordPress, the price usually includes domain, SSL hosting, plug-in fees, and more depending on the package. Read more to find out about the Packages.

Usually when people see the price, they’ve already made up their minds. However, we want you to see further than which one is cheaper. You should instead ask, “Which one is right for me?” We want you to look at your actual use of whether this price is right for your business. If you are an eCommerce website owner, the price your package may inherently be more expensive. However, given the functionality and safety of both users and website owners, paying a bit more can go a long way and much more cost-saving in the long run.