Things you should prepare before engaging with a web design agency

web design agency

Chances are you’re reading this post because you’re looking for a new website or digital marketing agency, and need some help with choosing the right web design agency to work with. Before you find the right web design agency, you’ll need to be ready to communicate with them effectively. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you best prepare your information before you even start to search for the prospective web agencies for your next project.

We’ll focus on the questions that you’ll need to answer before a web design agency can provide you with a meaningful proposal

web design agency

“Your company”

Be prepared to describe your company, brand values, business model and operations to prospective agencies. You’ll also want to talk about your current difficulties and issues you would like to address so that the agency can address your concerns through the website.

“The goals of your new website”

What is the purpose of your website? It’s very important that website agencies understand what you hope to achieve with your website. Do you want to expand your market reach by selling products to a new demographic? Are you looking to support existing business processes through your website? Or do you simply need a brochure website with information about your company or products and services?

“Your customers and competitors”

Describe your target market and clients. By understanding the demographics and geographical location of your target audience, prospective agencies can tailor the websites to their needs when they build your website.

Who are your competitors? Explain what makes you unique. This will allow website agencies to understand your value proposition and think about how your website can stand out in the crowd.

“Your marketing & advertising strategy”

If you already have a marketing and advertising plan, describe your existing or past campaigns, how well it is working for you, where you think it can be improved and how you see your website aiding some of your marketing issues.

“Your current website”

If you have an existing site, what do you like and dislike about your current website? What current needs. What’s the. Think about what changes will support your evolving business needs?

Things you should prepare before engaging with a web design agency 1

“The functionality you require on your new website”

Make a list of the basic functions and features you require on your website. This is immensely helpful for us and other companies. Examples include e-commerce, photo gallery, online booking system, contact form, etc. 

“Your content requirements”

It’s also important to think about how much work you are willing or able to do on your website. For example, do you plan to write all of the copy on your website or do you need your website agency to handle this? Will you load content (images and videos) onto your website yourself or do you expect your website to be delivered 100% ready for launch?

“Your domain name requirements”

Do you have an existing domain name, or do you plan to register a new one? Let prospective agencies know where you’ll need domain support. Do they recommend a secure certificate for your website (https rather than http)? This why we recommend secure certificates for all of our client’s sites. To ensure that your SEO position is not negatively affected so they should discuss details about this with you too.

“Your ideal timeframe”

When do you need to launch your website? This is an important question to consider when choosing a web design agency as not all companies will be able to start your project immediately. 

“Your investment”

Last but not least, think about the investment you’re prepared to make on your website. Websites can offer an incredibly strong ROI when they are developed by a website design agency that truly understands your needs and one that has the necessary skills and expertise in design, development and digital marketing.

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