Discover how to best use keywords to help get your website noticed by clients


Learn about your current audience

One of the key elements to success in Digital marketing is knowing your audience. You need to identify the people who really want or need what you’re offering because audience targeting can help you design more effective business strategies and find opportunities for growth. It will also help you to identify different customer profiles, understand the way to conduct your marketing, develop your product to be unique, fulfilling the preferences of those customers.

The way to understand what the audience needs are an observation of demographic information. Demographic information is the collection and study of data regarding the general characteristics of specific audiences such as age, gender, location, income, employment, etc – that can help analyze and distinguish your specific audiences in each segment.

Make a list and analyze your keyword list

A keyword is a word or a group of words that the user describes finding information that they are looking for on the internet. The keyword can help you to understand the target marketing and understand how they are searching on the internet for your content, products or services.

When you want to use keywords to increase ranking on the google search ranking, you have to make a list of words or scope of the words that need to be used from a brainstorm with other people in your team. Write down as many keywords that you think are related to your product and that your customers will likely input in their search engines. If you do not make the scope, you might be losing money to futile marketing efforts. This method helps to save you money and time.

Once you have relevant keywords to your content – you have to analyze words that you write down to find the most efficient words that are applicable to your site. This method really helps identify a group of keywords easily and really help you reduce cost in the long run. Finally, you can use ‘KWFinder’ to help you select the word and check the value of these words. The right word will naturally generate a better ranking for your company.


Check your competitor

The reason to check your competition is to understand how your competition is performing in the search engine rankings and to be able to compete with your competitor’s keywords. While this won’t be an easy battle, we have ways to maximize your chance of winning.

Firstly, make a list of your main competitors and go to their websites to see what keywords they use by reading content, blog or articles on their websites. This method will help you to identify the relevant keywords. However, seeing the keywords alone is not enough. You have to see what tool they use, the price bid of keywords and potential competitors. The main point of checking your competitors is to discover new keywords that you may have never used before. 

Tip: A tool that can really help you is SpyFu. SpyFu is a popular tool for finding a competitor’s keyword and allows you to check each keyword in its entirety.


How to use on your website

This method comes after selecting your relevant keywords in preparation for the launch on your website.

You should make sure your keywords are more efficient and are used in the right places. Apply them to your website by inserting your keywords into blog posts, social media posts, and your website’s content. After this, you should monitor them, analyze the results. By gauging the effectiveness, you will know what keywords to adjust and what to add in to be able to optimize your SEO.

All of these methods help you to learn more about your target audience and therefore allow you to gain a deeper appreciation of the marketing strategy, resulting in the effective usage of keywords on your website. 

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