5 Common Web Design Mistakes Businesses Make

5 Common Web Design Mistakes Businesses Make 1

Are You Making These Web Design Mistakes

Whether you already have a website for your products or services or are looking to build one, taking a small chunk of your time to read this and avoiding these 5 common web design mistakes can save you both time and money.


Many companies offer website building apps that claim to allow users to launch their new website in minutes. The problem with these tools is that each design element adds dozens of lines to the back-end code and makes the site load slower. A lot slower. Over time, this can lead to serious performance issues and countless errors. This means people will start to get frustrated and go to your competition. If you have a decent budget, get a website professionally designed can help optimises loading time and of course, get more flexibility in both function and aesthetics.


The best website user experience tells are user wherein the page they should go and how to interact with the elements on that page. A call to action (CTA) will get visitors focused on what their next step is. For example, use a content that describes the value of your products or services, and reinforcing that with a compelling phrase that prompts action. I urge you to be succinct with what you say. With CTAs, there is absolutely no need to use fancy words or make it complicated.

These are some of CTAs phrases you can use:

  • Sign up now/ FREE Signup
  • Add to Cart
  • Get Started
  • Contact Us Now
  • Get Your Free Sample
  • Start Reading now
  • Subscribe


One of the biggest mistakes you should avoid is not looking at important user data behind and website usage. Think of your website as an investment. One of the most important things you can do to protect this investment is to analyse progress and measure your KPI. You can test and track with a metric tool–the most widely used is Google Analytics. This tool will give you loads of valuable information about user behaviours, and allow you to set up goals to track conversion to suit your business.

Extrapolate this data and use it for your online marketing campaign, and you’ll be able to specifically target (and re-target) your audience that brings you business.


One of the really bad Web Design Mistakes is poor navigation. The internet does not forgive poor navigation. If it takes more than two clicks to get to your product, they’ll simply travel on to the next website – yes, it’s your competitor’s. It’s very frustrating to be forced to go back two or three pages to get to other areas of a site. It’s also a waste of time. There should be a navigation bar on every page that guides you where you need to go, either put in up top or on the left where it’s visible and easily accessible.


Since most modern searches are conducted on smartphones and tablets, having a website that can display properly on those devices is of utmost importance for businesses. Less than 20% of the website worldwide are created with responsive web design. Since Google introduced a search update that penalises non-responsive sites in mobile searches, this is a major problem for those who generate leads online. Get your mobile responsive design done asap.

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