Go hotel 1



GO! Hotel is a design premium budget hotel brand
under Central Pattana in Thailand.


Redesign the existing website and optimize the functional aspects along with user experience.



The design system for GO! Hotel take modernized the website with interplays of red themed CI with elements of teal. The webpages layout and hotel booking system were optimized for ease of usage.


Go hotel 2
Go hotel 3

Colour Palette

Go hotel 4

grid system

12 Column Grid

Go hotel 5
Go hotel 6


GO! Hotel wanted to improve the overall aesthetics and experience and we revitalized the website by:

  • Incorporating their vibrant CI palette into various design elements
  • Optimize booking UI and system
  • Creating a light and fun mood by strategic placements of hotel photos, creating more captivating browsing experience.
  • Enabling streamlined navigation with layout improvement and room browsing system.
  • Multi-language website to cover it all
  • Responsive design to ensure excellent performance on multiple devices.
Go hotel 7
Go hotel 7
Go hotel 9
Go hotel 10
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