Citrus is a brand-new, modern, and hip hotel which operated under Compass Hospitality.


To create a visually appealing and user-friendly website that presents the hotel’s unique offerings, amenities, and services as well as providing a functional and engaging user experience that converts website visitors into potential guests.


Citrus 1


The design system for Citrus seeks to craft a bespoke palette that captures the essence of the hotel’s distinctive ambiance and harmonising the digital experience with the sensory journey of the guests.

Citrus 2

grid system

Desktop 12 Column Grid

Citrus 3

Mobile 4 Column Grid

Citrus 4
Citrus 5


The newly designed website for Citrus strives to boost the hotel identification and promoting their unique selling features while also simplifying UI to allow for easy access and conversion. We’ve accomplished their objectives by:

  • Blending the hotel representative CI themed palette into various design components
  • Responsive design to guarantee impressive performance on multiple devices
  • Combining minimalist and modern style to established a professional-looking design and to accentuate the hotel style
  • Highlight the luxurious selection of accommodations and package services that the hotel provides
  • Created a perfectly comfy and pleasant vibe for a more carefree browsing experience
  • Revolutionise the hotel’s booking system, seamlessly streamlining the process with user-centric design to elevate the visitors experience to new levels brimming with ease and convenience.