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LAVAPANEL is a true expert in high-gloss furniture with exports in the US, Europe and Asia.


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The design system for LAVAPANEL aims to satisfy users at all ends, especially allowing for fun and interactive browsing experience on this site. This dual-language website allows LAVAPANEL to showcase their expertise in high-gloss furniture and quality materials.

Colour Palette

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grid system

12 Column Grid

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LAVAPANEL aims to create a beautiful and interactive website to showcase their high-quality products. We helped them create this experience by:

  • Slick and stylish design to match Lavapanel’s luxurious and aesthetic impression.
  • Integrated quiz and personality test module for even more interactive experience.
  • Features including a budget calculator for clients who are interest.
  • Intricate layout that is easy on the eyes when navigating on any devices.
  • Easy to use contact form is key to facilitate customer contact for enquiries.

inside pages

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