New Facebook Feature to Collecting Points and Redeem Prizes


” Collecting points for redeeming rewards “

Shopping lovers may feel “wow” because the best promotion campaign, which attracts many people to buy for points and collect them to redeem rewards, become one of the features of Facebook. And, today we are going to tell you more about this feature.

When talking about Sephora, many girls may get the point because Sephora is a virtual cosmetic shop for every woman. Sephora initiates this program and uses it as an interesting strategy that boosts sales promotion.

Facebook confirms that they start testing this new feature and make users can see the point collection through the application Facebook. Sephora will begin to launch this program in America first. However, we believe that when this feature comes to Thailand, many shoppers will be satisfied.

Here’s how this feature looks like

New Facebook Feature to Collecting Points and Redeem Prizes 1

From the picture above, the Facebook users can connect the account that we used for point collection. So, after we connect, Sephora will offer privileges through the Facebook feed in no time.

Why We Have to Pay Attention to This Feature

This is because it is the first big advertising product from Facebook which concentrates on brand loyalty, making the brand access to personal information of the customer who has to get services before such as point data or rewarding. Not only the target audience, but the brand also contact its old customers again by using advertisement which is adjustable as customers want. When talking about safety, many people may be concerned that their information will be leaked and used in bad ways. Don’t worry because before you connect with this feature, the policy and agreement will show up so you have to make sure that you have read it thoroughly. What do you about the platform? This platform often innovates new things for the users. You can see that there is changing in the normal shops that makes many platforms adapt themselves to meet the need of their customers. 

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