How to increase conversion rate with UX/UI design

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works”

– Steve Jobs –

In an age of competitive online Digital marketing to increase sales channels and sales, websites are more accessible than ever. On certain platforms, you can choose to use templates with variety of designs and combinations to suit your industry, product and services.

According to survey results, 79% of website visitors are ready to leave the site if they don’t have a good first impression of the first page.

Today at Yes Web Design, we’ll be sharing our knowledge of UX/UI design particularly how it can affect your website and how to optimize conversion.

In this article, we will discuss….

– What is UI (Right cerebral hemisphere) of the design?

– What is UX (Left cerebral hemisphere) of the design?

– Indications that your website has a good UX/UI design

– How UX/UI can boost performance for your website?

– Summary

UI (Right cerebral hemisphere) of Design

UI or “User Interface” relates to the look and feel of the site. Simply put, it’s important to present your website to meet the needs of the users who visit it.

A good design can impart good mood and feeling to visitors. It is designed to give users a positive sense of the brand that speaks to customers in all dimensions, a pleasant experience to all those who visit.

The UI design consists of:

  1. Brand presentation: logos, colors and fonts
  2. Page layout or blueprint: strategic placement of content on each page to be appropriate and to presentable. 

3.Fonts: Use the fonts to express and convey your brand’s character

4.Design/Graphic elements: design each element to have a gimmick, thereby adding new dimensions to the visitors’ experience.

  1. Interactive design of each section: include effects that allows visitors to actively engage with your content

UX (Left cerebral hemisphere) of Design

UX “User Experience” is designed to create a positive experience for users. It is what defines the sense of how a website works, so the UX design of the business has a huge effect on how to impress your customers. The user experience is all that governs how they will interact with your website. 

“To increase the trust and satisfaction of your users, you should make sure that your website has a good UX design.”

The amount of timeframe you have to generate your user interest or engagement is frankly very limited. You’ll need capitalize on these opportunities to create a positive user experience and respond to visitor’s needs. 

What does UX design include?

  1. Developing up to date web content that is tailored to you target audience 
  2. Structured and organized website that is intuitive and simple to use
  3. Analyze user behaviors then adapt, adjust and deploy to the website
  4. Simulate and create wireframes to better understand the system and reduce system defects
  5. Test from the end user point of view to reduce the error of the actual use after the website is launched

Indications that your website has a good UX/UI design

A good UX/UI design will make your website attracts visitors and keep them on your site for longer. Better yet, if you have an E-commerce website or service, UX/UI is key to ensure the success of the website.

1.Value Presentation: 

You must understand that not everyone who visits your website will be ready to purchase your products or services immediately. You’ll need to present the value of your business to reassure customers who visit the site in a variety of ways, whether it’s graphics, videos or text, and present them in the right places. By creating as much brand awareness and recognition as possible, you will create a great experience for customers to come back.

  1. Don’t let customers think for a long time:

Designing websites for businesses with complex products or services can be difficult and overwhelming given the inherent complexity. When users have to take their time to figure out how to buy products or services, let alone navigate the web, they’re already losing interest. Therefore, the design of the website must be clear, uncomplicated and user-friendly.

Let’s take a look at what good UX/UI design means.

(UX) The website is uncomplicated – both to the eye and brain

(UX) Users enjoy using the website. Can navigate smoothly without any interruption

(UI) Easy to use with simple and clean interface

(UI) Consistency in the whole design whether it be color used, fonts or images

How UX UI can help increase conversions to your website

“Good webpage management will result in more conversion and engagement to your website.”

It goes without saying that a website design needs to be easy to use and systematic to minimize time wasted to purchase.

For example, making contact information available in the Contact Us or Contact tab. Even though the contact information is available at the bottom of the homepage, it far more convenient for the users to see it on the first page without even having to scroll once. If the business requires someone to contact them directly, there should be a contact info or a button contact at the top of the website.

Are these reasons for the low conversion rate?

Let’s find out!!

For managing UX UI, your website offers more conversions…

  1. Add a video to a landing page or webpage. 

From a survey, having a video on landing can convert up to 86% of the users on the site. Videos are great as you can bypass a wall of text and allow users to gain appreciation faster through visual representation through watching. 

*Watch the size of your video or else your Page speed might drop!

  1. Placing the Call to Action or CTAs in the most strategic position

This means that the buttons must be clear about what will happen after it gets clicked. The color of the buttons matter and characters must be easy to read. The key is being clickable, which means that the placement must be positioned to be clearly visible. It’s also important to use the right words for the CTA button. For example, if you’re selling an E-Book, you can use “Download,”  which would not be as effective as “Get your free e-book.” To make customers interested in putting items in their cart, you could try Add to Cart – Save 25% instead of  “Buy now,” making the CTA button more likely to be pressed.

  1. The content on the site should be easy to read and understand

One of the problems for websites with a lot of content is how to simplify it. Font selection, size and distance are imperative in making said content easy to read. We expect people who come to the site to read the content on the site and read the content without inciting boredom.

  1. The images must be clear and meaningful 

Image selection is also another key element of UX/UI design. In other words, when a visitor looks a picture, they should know what you’re doing, what you’re selling and most importantly, who you are.

In conclusion, we hope you see the importance of making UX/UI. If the website design does not meet your target audience’s needs, it doesn’t matter if how good your product is. Also, if you’re not creating a positive user experience, you may find it hard to reach a high conversion rate so hopefully this article will inspire to evaluate your website to identify possible causes for the low conversion rate.

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