Five Ways to Speed Up Your Website


Five Ways to Speed Up Your Website 1

When it comes to surfing the internet, people are often impatient with slow websites. That’s why if your website is slow, it’s probable that your website will lose quite a number of visitors who could become your future customers. And since search engines rank their results according to a website’s loading speed, they will show your website in the latter pages if your website loads slowly, and that means less chance for people to discover your website.

Therefore, it’s very important for your website to be fast. If you have no idea how to make your website faster, don’t worry. As we’re an experienced web design company based in Bangkok, Thailand, we’re going to tell you five ways you can accelerate your website.


A website that contains a large image or many images always take a lot of time to load. Therefore, you should reduce unnecessarily large images. There are three ways you can do this.

The first way is to minimize images, including photos and background graphics. Images you use on your website should be between 500 and 800 pixels across, and 72 dots per inch (dpi).

The second way is to remove meta data from photos which includes the date and location the photo was taken, the type of camera used, and the resolution.

And according to David Masters, president and founder of iMedia Studios, a web design company in Austin, Texas, another way is, instead of posting full-size photos, make a slide show or use thumbnails which, when clicked, will provide larger images.


Interesting features on your website such as animated graphics, photo slideshows, autocomplete text suggestions, or interactive forms are often created by JavaScript. JavaScript can make your website attractive, but it can slow down the site as well. However, it will be alright if you deal with JS queries and loads appropriately.

  • Use asynchronous loading for JavaScript files : This will make your website load faster because everything on the webpage will load at the same time, not from top to bottom. Asynchronous loading doesn’t stop the rest of the webpage from loading when one file is stuck.
  • Defer some JavaScript files from loading : Tell large JS files which don’t affect immediate functionality to load after everything else is finished.
  • Optimize and minify : Smaller files load quicker than the bigger ones. So, minify JavaScript.
  • Put JavaScript at the bottom of files : JS and other components don’t load well together. So, you should let HTML content load before JavaScript.


A plug-in is additional software that can be installed on a website or program in order to add an extra capability to it.

Too many plug-ins can decelerate your website, so use them as needed. Avoid plug-ins that aren’t regularly updated and compatible with current versions of your website environment.


Huge files like videos are one of the reasons that make your website slow. But that doesn’t mean you can’t put one on your website at all. Instead of directly posting a video on your website, it’s better for you to use a media embed to insert the video from external hosting platforms to the site. Websites like YouTube or Vimeo are great video platforms that serve video content at high speeds, so use them.


Caching keeps elements on your website in users’ cache for an amount of time so that when they return to the site, those elements won’t have to be downloaded again. So, caching might not help boost your website’s loading speed when someone visits it for the first time, but when they come back, everything on your site will appear in a flash.

It is recommended that web owners should cache their websites frequently.

You can cache your website by using WordPress’s caching plug-ins such as WP Super Cache or WP Total Cache.

In conclusion, speed is one of the key factors that can affect the number of your website visitors. Fast websites often draw more visitors than the slow ones. Therefore, you should frequently check your website’s speed and improve it.

If you still have troubles with your website’s speed after trying all the methods we gave you, seeking help from an expert in web design is a good idea. A professional web design company in Bangkok, Thailand can expertly turn a sluggish website into a high-speed one.

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