Add massive values to your website with these type of content

Add massive values to your website with these type of content 1

As content and digital marketing becomes more pervasive on the internet, marketers may be looking for a flash of genius or new ideas.

I’ve compiled a summarised list of beneficial features from websites that produce great content, each of which has its own unique qualities. I’ll break them down and explain why they’re good and see what you can learn from them.

What you can learn:

  • Knows the audience : Scan through Copyblogger’s blog. If you look through just the titles, you’ll find that almost every article will be of interest to you if you’re a content writer. Copyblogger knows their audience, their interests, and their goals.
  • Good length : Blog posts aren’t novels. An average blog post should take no longer than 10 minutes to read. 
  • Graphs : Much like infographics, graphs serve one purpose: to display data visually. Instead of text for reading, they show the overall picture of the data and help people to see things clearer. It can take the complicated, such as a bunch of numbers, and turn it into something that everyone can understand.
  • Titles : Titles are really important. They require you to know what makes people engage. The title determines the click, so make it an interesting one.
  • Actionable Content : Give the reader simple advice they can use in their daily lives. Scan through some of the posts and you’ll almost certainly find one that can help you.

Setting up a good website can seem daunting but isn’t difficult. Pool the focus into the content, add a couple of social media buttons, and open it up for comments. Have a link to your product page (which is typically the homepage) and an email signup. Good luck!

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