7 Ways to Spy on Your Competitors on Facebook

Have you ever wondered why your competitors’ content is good? What is the secret? Competitor research is a mainstay of good Digital Marketing.

Which ways will help you spy on your competitors on Facebook? Today we’re going to reveal 7 ways to help you keep track of the strategy and compete with your competitors. As we all know, Facebook is currently the most popular platform that Thai people choose to do online advertising to reach the target audiences and generate conversions for many businesses. It is said that every year Facebook will adjust its algorithm for improving its functionality and efficiency.

Facebook has a variety of hidden tools that very few people know about. And today we are going to share those tools for you to further develop your Facebook strategy, but let me tell you that what we share is not illegal at all. So don’t worry.

With the use of digital marketing on Facebook, we can learn about the strategies that our competitors used in promotion or advertisement, including easily competing for a market section via these tools.

1. Using Facebook Graph API for Learning Your Competitor Behaviors

A few years ago, we’ve probably heard the news about Facebook being able to access our interests, location, or even our behavior. All of these data collectors are called Graph APIs. If you’re a developer, you’ll know that this tool is effective for linking your website to Facebook. Even if you’re not a developer, you can use this strategy to learn about the background of your competitors as well. However, when there are blind spots in Facebook’s protection of user data, hackers use these opportunities to steal users’ information. As the result, this makes Facebook’s system more stable and secure.

But the Graph API is a tool providing you with enough information about your competitors. You can use it to analyze your competitor’s strategy. For example, if you want to see some information, you can just select the type of information you want to know and fill the information in the slot.

2. Learning How Your Competitors Send Message

In case you don’t know, Facebook Messenger for Business is a game-changer in business competition. It might be worth taking a closer look at this part of its competitors because that’s one of the key signs, showing that Facebook continually gives all its values to ​​the Messenger application. One of the best parts of Facebook Messenger is that you can quickly and easily see what your competitors have planned.

So, all you have to do is go to your competitor’s Facebook page. First, you can see their average response time. This indicates how much their strategy depends on Messenger and can provide you with benchmarks for improving your Facebook page engagement. Finally, if your competitors are using Messenger bots or auto-responders. You can interact with it directly from their page. It’s an easy way to see what your competitors use to attract interest from visitors and customers. This is an easy way to plan your strategy.

3. Looking at Your Competitor Ads

In the past few years, one of the best competitor research tools out there on Facebook is the Tab “Information and Ads”. It is a new tab on every Facebook business page. No matter which page you visit, you can get competitors’ advertising information. (*You have to make sure here a bit that you can only view the image or content of the ad. In-depth information is not available at this point.) To use this tool, you simply need to go to your competitor’s Facebook page and click the tab. Then, you will see every ad that your competitors are advertising. You don’t only see ads running in your region but you can change the region in the drop-down menu and see ads from around the world.

4. Observing What Competitors’ Fan Page Likes or Dislike for Their Brand

One of the best things about Facebook for businesses is that most of the information is wide-open and available for public consumption. You don’t need to like that page to find out what people are talking about, just go directly to the page. Once you’re there, you may see updates from the page but that is not where this strategy came from. To start your strategy, you have to go to the post and then select the guest post. You will be able to see what people comment. This approach gives you an insight into what your competitor’s fan page thinks of the brand in a minute, both positively and negatively. thus, you may be able to adapt your approach when you meet your fan page in different ways. This may be another strategy that allows you to move faster than your competitors.

5. Studying How Competitors Reply Their Customers

The next strategy is a strategy that follows directly after you get customer feedback. We have to learn how other brands respond in their fan pages. There are usually either positive or negative lessons for you to learn. Studying what they say and how their customers react to their responses can help you see where you can improve, based on the lessons from what your competitors face now or in the past. You may find it an easy way but the result is also very effective for measuring your customer service rankings when compared to those in the same industry.

6. Following Your Competitors in Every Brand at The Same Time

If you are going to spy on your competitors, you might need the right tools to do it. Fortunately, Facebook adaptation with application like Zapier and IFTTT provides us insights into what your competitors are doing with their pages. Firstly, you’ll need to set up an account with either service. For this example, we will use Zapier since it is more possible and free to use. Once you have an account, you can set up triggers for your Facebook Page. You’ll need to set this up so that the system alerts you when competitors post something new and notifies you via sending an email message or even getting that post to a Google doc. From now on, you’ll get tons of information about when and what your competitors are posting on social media.

7. Making Advertisement for Your Competitors

After all, this strategy is dirtier than any of the above. Frankly, I’ve seen many other brands tend to use this method to win their competitors. Imagine when your biggest competitor is going through some kind of crisis like the server down for the hosting company or food poisoning for a restaurant. By using Facebook’s advertising platform, you can target ads to Facebook users who love that fan page by offering your company as the solution to resolve dissatisfaction from your competitors. All you have to do is targeting to that company’s fan base by defining “Absolute Interest” in Facebook Ad Targeting

And if you’re not looking for a strategy like this or your competitors don’t have a crisis on hand, You can still target those users. Let’s say you just opened a new local coffee shop. You can quickly and easily target Facebook users who like coffee shops like Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts with your ad, instead of spending time figuring out who might like your business, learn from your competitors.


Here are 7 ways in using Facebook for spying on your competitors. making you compete with your competitors in the market. You can read more articles about marketing here at Yes Web Design Studio.


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