7 Tips to Create High-Quality Backlinks

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Article by Yes Web Design Studio

Backlinks are very common when it comes to SEO. Website creators must be familiar with this tool if they want to rank higher on search engines.. How can  you be certain that your backlinks are good enough?  It’s very important to make good backlinks because they are a standard used by search engines to define your rankings. If you feel that your backlinks are still weak, these are factors that you should always consider to create powerful backlinks.

Relevancy of backlinks

  • To create a good backlink, you have to know your audience. This means knowing what relates to their preferences because they’ll be that much more likely to click on it.
  • Visually, if your web design agency website has backlinks from a few websites, one about creating a website and others about food, it’s obvious which holds more relevance. 
  • Relevant backlinks are much more valuable. Google would prioritise relevant backlinks since people will prefer to click on them.

Reason of linking

  • You should find why some contents have a lot of backlinks because it helps you create content that’s linkable to websites.
  • For example, posts about food have more backlinks than posts about medicine because people prefer to search about food to medicine, so bloggers or content writers create a lot of posts and backlinks about food.

Authority of websites

  • You should always find and check who links back to you. Why is it important? Because not all backlinks are equal. The authority of the other websites is taken into account. 
  • Backlinks from websites with higher quality create more authority because those websites are strong and already have ample amount of visitors. Authority is also based on the relevancy between your backlinks and those websites.

How does this help? You’ll get a lot to get more visitors landing on your site because of these strong websites direct traffic back to their original resources. You also can receive more authority from the internal links. 

 Traffic of websites

  • You should observe the traffic of other websites that link back to you because you can get better referral traffic from websites with high traffic.
  • Having higher referral traffic is good for websites because it can bring more visitors and prospective customers. 

Backlink placement

  • Where you place your backlinks is also important because it’s all about how to get noticed by people. People are likely to click more eye-catching backlinks. That’s why backlinks should be placed in a noticeable way. 
  • If backlinks are in the content, you can make them more outstanding by using a different color and front. Also, avoid placing backlinks at obscured positions, such as at the bottom of the place,as there’s no guarantee that people will see it. See yeswebdesignstudio.com for where to place your links.

Followed and nofollowed backlinks 

  • Followed backlink is a kind of link that has a good impact on your search engine ranking while nofollowed does not influence your ranking. This means that the destination website that receives nofollowed backlinks will not receive the SEO score. 
  • BUT!  nofollowed backlinks aren’t totally without utility, there are just better alternatives out there.

Anchor text

  • Basically, anchor text is known as clickable words that attach links back to other websites, such as Yes Web Design Contact, etc.
  • Using keywords that you want as an anchor text will help increase engagement and subsequently, your rankings.
  • It should ALWAYS be relevant to the website.

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